Do women really deserve equality?

International Women’s day. Did you miss it? It was huge on social media, so many people took the time to update statuses and Tweet I was surprised to wake up on the morning of the 9th and discover that everything thing had not been solved. It’s as if writing online solves nothing (He says writing an online blog). Today in the news ‘Muirfield golf club over turns men-only policy’ it’s just win win win for the ladies or is it? I mean some of you might not like golf.

Why in 2017 did we have a men-only policy at Muirfield golf club? It has hosted ‘The Open’ one of golf’s biggest tournaments (so I’m told) 16 times with that rule in place. Meaning television coverage and sponsorship deals and what no one complained? In fact they voted last year against letting women be members, the only reason for this change of heart is that they are being blackmailed.

My point is nothing changes by having a throw away international women’s day, other than we all get to pat ourselves on the back (and if you are thinking ‘When is international men’s day’ go use Google and feel free not to return)

When your great great great-granddaughter says “Why do I not have Equality” you can say “I have no idea, I updated Twitter, shared Facebook updates and everything”. Some of you can add “I even went on a march that one day” and maybe you should all say “To be honest great great great-granddaughter I don’t even know how I’m still alive, Luke didn’t really do the maths on this example”

Nothing is happening and ladies you have to take the blame. A woman owns the country (Queenie) a woman runs the country and you can’t play golf? (okay enough with the bloody golf already) If you want equality take it, when you ladies marched did you get each others numbers? (Facebook friends?) You only need 100,000 signatures for something to be debated in Parliament, flood them with every single little thing you can find. Women are not being paid the same as men? Find companies, find examples, create a petition and get everyone that updated social media for international women’s day to sign it.

That said the pay gap is the first thing the media always bring up, why? Because there is a lot worse going on that they don’t want you to know. Examples? I thought you’d never ask.

  • In 2017, when you get married the bride and groom’s mum’s are not allowed on the wedding certificate. Your mother does not have the right to go on your wedding certificate.
  • In 2017, 1 in every 300 women in the UK suffer from an eating disorder. Yet we allow photo-shopped and unrealistic images all over our media. It is women allowing themselves to be photographed in this way and it is women buying the images/products. (BEAT Charity webpage)
  • 1 in 4 women are affected by domestic violence, yet women’s shelters, basically the only places helping these ladies are being closed due to cut backs. Why are 4 out of 4 women allowing this to happen?
  • Forgetting the fact that rape convictions are so low most rapes go unreported. A female judge warned ‘Drunk women are putting themselves in greater danger of being raped’. Why are you not protesting? We’ve created a society where someone can get raped and doubt that they should or can go to the police. This is 2017.
  • The internet, watch Ashley Judd’s Ted talk (Watch it here). Some of the things that women are being threatened with, ways they are being spoken to are horrific. You don’t think that if women started closing their Twitter accounts that Twitter wouldn’t suddenly solve it?

Remember Tampon Tax, you beat that right? Why not question where all the paid tax went? You want to close down women’s shelters? Then the ladies need a tax rebate. While we (mainly I) are on the subject, stop hiding your periods. Everyone knows it happens and the way we teach girls about it as if it was some dirty little secret (so I’m told) is weird and wrong. Teach the boys and girls the facts and don’t allow this natural thing to be used as a negative against women. If all the ladies (and men) that marched and all the ladies (and men) that shouted about International Women’s day on social media get together you can change all of the above. At the very least you can make the 502 men and 148 women in the house of commons discuss these things. There is so much more than my few examples. Drown them in these very solvable issues.


In the UK we have 32 million women, meaning you can win any vote. You create, brew and push out every new voter and influence the way they look at the world. Do you think that you deserve equality? Then take it.

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