Trump – The Reality TV star now 45th President of the United States


When I heard Trump has won I laughed.

We have entered a new age. What happens now is going to be interesting. The accusations will start flying and the USA now has a reality TV star as President. The Establishment is dead long live the Establishment.

I have had some people thinking I would explode or be really upset. I really do not understand why. I was up until a few months ago confident Trump could be beaten and  that even Hilary could win. As Election Day came closer I started looking at the situation in more detail it became clear Hilary would lose. however, I still hoped she would win, but hey stuff happens.


So a day later and I think I am pretty clear on what is going on. First and foremost this is not about people being angry or the Establishment losing touch.

America voters, just like the Brexit voting folks have lost their DAMM MINDS. Trump knew this and used it to his advantage. One of the first the press has thrown out there is that the left was at fault and failed to take notice of White America’s view. Utter Bollocks have you seen the interviews with some of his followers. One woman thought he was the messiah “Sent by God to be in the White House”. If you Take into account that Donald Trump’s Evangelical support was at 81% and this starts to make some sense.

In another interview an African-American male who said ‘He tells the truth’ when challenged about the lies Trump had said he kept saying ‘He says it as it is’ that it all. That is all it took. I know a lot of other people have said much more but I think you get the point. Maybe the democrats need to recruit John Cena

Trump did better with Black voters than Mitt Romney did.


Now is a revolution? No. With 47% of people not voting and Hilary actually getting the majority of the vote this is not revolution. As Trumps name Suggest it is more of a fart a lift.

Now as I mention earlier when Trump won I was not upset. I laughed my ass off. Why should I find this funny?


One key truth as with Brexit and Trump is that they need to deliver. Already with Brexit, the millions promised for the NHS have disappeared. All the insinuation about stopping immigrants from coming in has gone. The people that supported Brexit will realize that closing the border is not an option. It will not work. Trump’s promises will destroy the American economy if he tried to bring in the tariffs and tax cuts.

So, I know a lot of people are hurt and angry even scared. I also realize that this is a democracy. However, there is hope. Hilary always had the uphill battle, she was actually the underdog, not Trump. In recent years it has been the case that the American public vote changes from Democrat to Republican especially if That president manages 2 terms The one that stands out is George Bush Senior. He came in after Reagan but only lasted one term  before Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton left the economy in a great state and was really popular but people still voted for Bush instead or Gore who won the popular vote.


Another key reason and why so many of the people from the groups he insulted most voted for him was because of the Apprentice. He got so much free advertising from that show and people loved the apprentice. He for years was the business man that could make you successful. Trump, even with the bankruptcies and debt was able to present himself as the ‘King of the American Dream’ You Can’t beat that.

The Tangerine Tornado managed to beat the largest group of prospective Presidential Candidates in a long time within the GOP and that should have been a sign. It reminds me of the Kansas City shuffle everyone was looking at the Circus clown when they should have been looking at the audience.


How is it that the party that wants to stop Obamacare, Restrict woman’s access to Abortion and healthcare was able to do so well with women. I was going to say mental illness. It was more than likely this were the appalling lies about Hilary really hurt her. It allowed people to bring into question her integrity in a way that suited Trump. How many people have you heard call her Killary?


Left copied the right. I had a feeling everything was getting bad when photos of Melina Trump half-naked started being used as a political tool against Trump. The past hysteria of the right suddenly became a tool on the left and had the strange effect of making the right seem rational as most people on the right just said who cares. A small thing but it set the approach for the rest of the election to the point that no one talked and the issues and it truly became of personality something that Trump has shown the American people, again and again, every evening on the apprentice

So like I said this is not about angry American it can’t be. They created the rules they made the system. They also undermined it and when the other side figured it out they hated it. Will they miss Obama in 4 years who knows? I am not saying  to do nothing. Protest, get active but more than anything else the conversation needs to change. People need to talk and talk hard. If A show like the Simpson can predict Trump better then the Polls we are in trouble.


So is this end of the world? No this was a nasty performance by Trump and as much as he won the election. He is not a republican, he will need to compromise to save face and work with the other crazies. He does have some policies that might work but they will come at a massive price and the people who will pay that price are the same folks that voted for him. I have a feeling that it is not the last time we have heard ‘You’re fired’


The truest irony is that 27 Years after the Berlin wall came down something the American helped to happen. American just elected someone who intends to build another one.



CJ Rock


Coming soon top 10 reasons why Tump won

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