A positive day for Britain

I hope Labour win today but if they don’t they still gave me hope something that I didn’t have before this election campaign. When the election was announced I was not going to vote, I’ve had enough of all the self serving politicians, like a Dragon fearing the loss of money I decided I was out. Today not only will I vote but I do so knowing it’s pointless.

If Labour do not win Jeremy Corbyn has still done more than enough to make sure that the Labour party move in the right direction. The direction that has the younger voters interested in voting. The Labour MP’s holding secret little wet dream Blair parties and the likes of Ed Balls using his new celebrity status to attack the Labour leader during an election campaign can go off and find media deals elsewhere and leave the politics to the grown ups.

If Labour do not win I am positive that Theresa May is going to be held accountable every step of the way in the next five years. She has been petrified of debating Corbyn and she will have to do it week in week out. This election has seen Corbyn throw off the shackles of being Prince Adam and he’s become He-man.

If Labour do not win today, they will win the next election. Okay yes meantime foxes will die, children will starve, terrorists will be armed, policemen made unemployed, rich people will get richer, poor poorer and after Boris helps negotiate Brexit we will probably be at war with Europe but the broken tired carcass of a country that we call Britain will get up under a Labour government and be reborn. At this point Theresa May will resign as an MP and go off and live in a tax haven where she will never have to buy a drink.

After an election campaign where the Tory leader hid under a rock yelling ‘Tell them I’m not in’ and encouraged her friends in the press to lie and attack in the hope that she could prove her strength. I will today cast a completely pointless vote, Why pointless? Where I vote is a strong Labour seat and the way that our voting system works that means that my vote for Labour will do nothing.

I will still vote because I want Mr Corbyn to know that I supported him and I will support him.

Let’s hope we take the short cut to a Labour Government and they win today.

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