Poor Jen? I say, poor us!


‘The sheer amount of resources being spent right now by press trying to simply uncover whether or not I am pregnant (for the bajillionth time… but who’s counting) points to the perpetuation of this notion that women are somehow incomplete, unsuccessful, or unhappy if they’re not married with children.’ -Jennifer Aniston, On The Record.

I have never felt sorry for Jennifer Aniston. Yet it has seemed to be a trend I cannot get on board with.   As far as I can tell, press intrusion aside, she has a terrific life and is living the dream. I don’t think she would want, nor requires our pity jut because her first marriage failed. As of yesterday she went up in my estimations quite significantly. She has broken her stance on not addressing press rumours, which could not be an easy decision for her, finally addressing the embarrassing objectification of women in the press and for this, I thank her.


Jennifer Aniston spoke out his week m via the Huffington Post’s-On the Record column, in relation to the pregnancy rumors that have been doing the rounds. I’m not a Mail Online or Heat reader but even I couldn’t avoid them or the ‘pregnancy pictures’. I enjoyed her hamburger remark in relation to the pictures very much. Now, thankfully I don’t believe everything I read so thought little of it and realized there is more important shit going on at the moment. There is never a dull moment in the press these days, so swiftly moved on. Her being pregnant will not help Brexit, our new PM or even the mass shootings, so why worry? However, as of her On the Record article in Huff Po, my interest has peaked, in fact not just my interest but also my gratitude.


‘So Georgie why do you want to thank her? ‘


Here’s why Motherfuckers!!!


I am approaching 30, single and childless. This is by choice. I could have those things but I’m quite fulfilled and like Jennifer, am quite happy with only some or none of these things. However I have begun to notice, with ‘30’ looming, people who I don’t know that well have become more quizzical about my future.  This is very kind of them, but really there is no need…no really, STOP! Basically if another one of you bitches ask me any of the following I will punch you in the throat-


Have you not met anyone yet?


Do you not want children?


Do you not want to settle down?


How you do you live without the security?


Security of what?! Job security? Financial? Homeland? Marriage and children will not give me any of that. I am sorry to say all those question have been uttered to me several times.   Now I guess I should address them…this isn’t easy for me to discuss… but the reason…the real reason I have made the choices not to have children yet or get married is…the truth is…. NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!!!!



At least three pals of mine, this week alone, have put up FB statuses addressing this exact thing. They are also under scrutiny similarly to me and Aniston for there lack children and/or partner, and I suspect more women I know are too. I don’t ask my mates who have reproduced whatever possessed them to have children. Because that apparently is insensitive and an unnecessary question! Well it works the other way round too bitches! Having said that my close pals who have kids have never isolated me…because there not dicks and that’s why they’re my friends.


The best thing ever said to me was more statement than a question…..


‘You’ll understand when you have children’


What?! I’m sorry to say this is also true and has been said to me twice in the last few months. I had this uttered at me whilst trying to chat to some women I didn’t know at a hen do. The conversation was about Christmas and children; I wasn’t wholly interested but was trying to be friendly. When I tried to weigh in as I was working with children at the time, the young mother cut me off to remind me of the above quote. Apparently I don’t know shit about children because I don’t have children.   I cannot understand or process the same feelings or information because I have yet to breed? So what happens if I never do? Am I a lesser-unfulfilled person? No, of course not, yet I’m not alone in feeling this and thank you Jennifer Aniston for voicing that and risking the backlash of engaging with said rumors.


However, don’t worry, I got my revenge on that slag and told her kids that Father Christmas isn’t real, the Easter Bunny is a paedo and the tooth fairy’s a slut!   Egg on her face!!


That’s what I took away from Aniston’s On the Record but I believe her statement is bigger than just making me feel better and giving similar women a voice. She has not only given a voice to women feeling under the same scrutiny but has taken bold feminist action and pointed the finger at the press and their behavior towards woman. She has shamed them and whether it was her intention or not this is feminism in action.

The key word being ‘Action’.   Now we have been bandying about the term feminism and empowerment amongst female celebrities for a while and I’m sorry to say we are getting it slightly wrong and it’s pissing me off. For instance, the recent Tory race for PM, although a short one, we had two female politicians up for the job and some seemed to think this is a political embrace of right wing feminism. No. It was just to power hungry politicians scrapping and throwing low blows.   Their sex is utterly irrelevant. Have a good look at their policies ladies before you say feminist in the same sentence as them. Leadsome I hope, by the way, has read Aniston’s On the Record because if anyone needs to- its her!

Additionally we have women like Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski who are what I call self-proclaimed feminist. You know that mate you have, who is in relationship that’s bit ropey but she keeps saying she’s really happy and everything is amazing? When really he’s a dick, the sex is terrible and she’s utterly miserable but trying to convince herself otherwise? That’s what these women are doing, they are banging on and on to convince themselves and hopefully make it true but there is no action or proof to the contrary.


Let me expand on this if I may….


Kim Kardashian’s naked tweet was for nothing other than self-promoting. Lets just admit that! Which is fine, that’s why twitter is there. I’m doing it at the moment for my Edinburgh show, which you have heard me mention once or twice…Then Emily Ratajkowski gets involved and labels it feminism and female empowerment.  A few days before Aniston’s On the Record came out an interview with Emily Ratajkowski for Vanity Fair was published. The renowned feminist author Naomi Wolf interviewed her. Let’s just say, only one out of those two would I class as a feminist, and I’ll give you two guesses as to which but you’ll only need one.   Call me a cynical Susan. I can’t help but feel they were making up for something by having Naomi interview her. But, hey what do I know? Emily, all I see is a young woman’s career that’s based on her taking her top off for a man to help him sell an average pop song that he later gets sued for.   You’re simply using you body as a marketing tool to sell an image or song or magazine (sorry vanity fair). Let me rectify that dig at Vanity Fair at this point. Interestingly, accompanying the Vanity Fair interview where pictures of Ratajkowski naked on a horse…again making up for something maybe? Making up for the interview being so bloody dull if you ask me. What is feminist about this, Emily? Is this positive action?


Well I will tell you Emily! Robin Wright, Jennifer Aniston et al, did something positive with their fame and talent. Robin Wright if you didn’t know got equal pay on House of Cards by shaming the producers. Excellent bloody result. They have used the privileges of fame to take action and shame some of the sources of female objectification in the industry and demanded change. Aniston with press. Robin Wright with the studios. Aniston and Wright may not change the world but at least they’re doing something significant.


‘We get to decide how much we buy into what’s being served up, and maybe some day the tabloids will be forced to see the world through a different, more humanized lens because consumers have just stopped buying the bullshit.’-Jennifer Aniston.


Now this conveniently brings me to, what I felt the most part of Aniston’s article. Jennifer, thank you for stating above what my last blog was saying. Its like you totally get me! Emily, I’m sure you will have an amazing career ahead of you and that you’re feminist beliefs do begin to come into practice. However , your feminism is in example of what my last blog was, and Aniston are, taking about. We need to start seeing through the spin, the PR or as Jennifer says, the bullshit.  There is no substance to that and I’m sorry to pick on Emily but you make it so easy to do. Its just very clever PR targeted at   people who have not been encouraged to think outside the box and question what they are presented with.   See things for what they really are. Don’t just take what’s thrown in front of you. That means challenging all the time and forcing others into action and honoring the Aniston’s and Robin Wrights for their positive action. Its hard work but so worth it! Take this though. Aniston, Wright and so many others, whose work I will also credit in other blogs isn’t just about women’s rights, it’s about human rights. This shit affects us all. There’s a terrific irony in what Aniston did which was to use the press, to shame the press. That irony was action and I implore us all to start doing it a bit more.


There’s a lot to take form Aniston’s Off the Record published by the Huffington Post. Please read it all.



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