Earlier this year, after we kicked off Hitting the Spot which is The New Establishment’s resident sex column, I came across a fun website called OMGYES. It had some very serious publicity as Emma Watson was a big fan and this was just before The Beauty And Beast came out so she was obviously everywhere. I took a look myself, what can I say I am a curious little thing and always looking for new ways to get my kicks. I also don’t like Watson knowing more than me! I wrote a small piece on what I discovered and the very kind people at OMGYES ask me to review it and obviously, I accepted. Now, this was ages ago so apologize for this taking so long, I am a very busy and important person!

Now, If you haven’t heard of OMGYES then let me give you a rundown. It is a website that breaks down sexual taboos regarding female masturbation by offering a forum based and interactive site all about it. It uses sexual pleasure research to hone down techniques to achieve ultimate sexual pleasure for us ladies. It uses interactive touchscreen tutorials of vulvas and the clitoris to educate the user on improve technique and reach higher levels of satisfaction. It is in fact quite scientific and like a sensual biology lesson which I am so on board with. It is also forum based and has frank, candid interviews with women talking about what techniques they like. It is by women, for women. The most recent addition is the ‘signaling’ section and gives advice how best to guide your partner during sex.

I have to say hand on heart I am totally sold on this site. I love it! It is a welcome, necessary breath of fresh air. I like the candid no-nonsense approach, the style of the site which has something warm and welcoming about it. The touch screen visuals were a surprise as they are graphic but a very welcome one. One of the few negatives I have is not to do with the site as such, it’s that it has taken us so long to develop one! A haven where women and talk about masturbation without kitten actually dying! That is a myth by the way but one that people actually believed once upon a time. God help us all from shit like that! I thus wish this was working in my very confusing late teen!

Some criticism I have heard over the months since I discovered it, from what I read online and discussed with other women, is they said the science side of sucks the fun of it. It is also something I said, which I am ashamed to admit when I first approached it. I was so wrong! The science is utterly fascinating and had we all had something like this in our youths, I strongly believe we would have better sex lives now. Why? Because we would understand what our bodies require to climax. Things like, but does what and why and how to make it do that and if you’re lucky to get it to do that again. It is very simply taken out the taboo that us ladies have had pushed on us regarding female masturbation and it feels like a much-needed weight has been lifted on something we all had to secretly enjoy…well not anymore!

Now I think the word ‘empower‘ and empowerment’ gets way overused and misused actually especially when discussing feminism but this site is the definition of it. Now I truly believe that if we had a sight like this when I and may other was younger, it would have avoided those awful first sexual experiences that can stay with for a very long time and actually be quite damaging and have later ramifications on one’s sexual confidence. If we had started out sex lives with a scientific knowledge of what our bodies need, want and respond to you are already in an empowered position sexually. The power is that we are never to be reliant on men for sexual pleasure, as sadly they sometimes make us feel is so. We wouldn’t have fallen for so much rubbish from the opposite sex and trusted them to know what they were doing. We would have known it ourselves and thus known how to execute it whether on our own or with a partner. Having said that, it’s not just for when we masturbate alone, but with our partner and can help develop a stronger intimate connection with your partner and THAT is empowerment.

This site is not an alternative to porn which is predominantly aimed at men. It is not a female version of pornography. I have heard this said a few times and anyone who says it hasn’t experienced the site so shut up! It is its own genre, its own style and nothing to do with pornography. It is quite frankly a much need breath of fresh air and I am very glad we have it. More importantly, it is more than a site about orgasms and understanding your body. It is feminism in action. From what I have read that wasn’t actually the creator’s intention and that makes it even better. They just wanted to break down some taboos and create a place for women to be frank, open and honest. They are leading by example and had the most wonderful intentions when actually it has gone and done something much bigger. It has created a step in the right direction for feminism. It not only has lifted taboos on female masturbation and got you openly talking about which we should have been doing ages ago but no men appear on this site or from what I can tell had much to do the creation of it. I think this is a good thing but at the same time, I really want some blokes to watch this. I really really do. Not so they can be better in bed but actually, take some time and thought to the complexities of a women body and show it some more respect. Not reduce us to insane fake orgasms or Page Three but appreciate how remarkable our bodies are and what they can do. Get some lads to check out his website but I believe in doing that, it will have a knock-on effect to some of the poor outdated attitudes towards women from men, that sadly still exist today.

That is exactly what makes this site extraordinary. It is not just a website about how to get yourself off, it is so much more. Every young woman who is discovering herself sexually for the first time should be checking this out and I guarantee they will have healthier, happier sex life as a result by the time they’re my age. The site is strictly over 18 years old and that is my only real criticism. However, I have a feeling this is not the choice of the site creators and their hand might actually be tied to online laws and child protection so let’s not blame them. Let’s blame this rigid sexually repressed taboo festered world we still live in! We can have violent and unrealistic pornography at the touch of a button for children but God forbid a warm, welcoming educational site that will make them happier and more secure in the long run.

I also must add, in my previous blog, I criticised it for being £20 a year. I take that back. What is £20 a year to feeling empowered or understand how amazing bodies can be? Or taking a step in the right direction towards active feminism? I would certainly pay more than £20 for all these things.

It may have taken too long to get here but I am glad it has and will be there for future generations of young women. Let’s fight the good fight my sistas!

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