Oh Pretty Woman…

I was chatting to a close male friend of mine, about the fact that I had just purchased a very expensive Mascara. He was both horrified and intrigued as to why I would do such a thing. So, we got into a lengthy conversation about the history of make up, why women wear it and the use and allure of certain items.
And I, like many women, do wear make up each day. My reasons are habit, confidence, and the desire to look human-not like the harassed mother of a just turned three year old.
But the universal truth is, women like to look pretty. Because pretty girls are treated nicer.
Not something many will admit, but I am putting it out there, I have used my looks and my cleavage to get my own way. I have been in many bars and rested my boobs on the bar in order to be served faster-and yes it does work.
Did I flirt my way into walking out of a mobile phone shop, with a brand new, free handset after dropping my phone into a cup of hot chocolate? You’re damned right I did.
Did I feel guilty about it? Not for a second.
Should I have? Possibly.
Am I up my own butt? I don’t think so. Others may disagree but on the whole, I try to be a nice person.
I remember being young, in school and I most certainly hadn’t come into my own. I had bad skin, bad hair and no style, and I could see the difference in the way that the other, prettier girls were treated. Especially when it was pointed out to me, on a Valentine’s Day, that I had been given no cards. The young boy making these comments, was cruel. And what was worse, was that he knew it and enjoyed it.
Comments about appearance happen every day, in one way or another, but, I have learned the sting of being put down, and I strive to never knowingly do that to another person.
I know the stigma of being the ugly duckling.
So when I grew up, and into my own skin, I found out that I can be quite the flirt if the mood so takes me. I do like attention, and I do like to make others around me feel good about themselves too. And if they feel comfortable in their own skin, that shows on the inside, and on the outside. There is more to a person that just a pretty face.
I have certainly met some rosy apples that had a worm at their core.
I do appreciate the way I look, the way I can handle myself, and as the last couple of years have shown, that I have quite a back bone and can tackle life’s challenges. And I will at least try to do it with a smile on my face.
It’s just easier to do when you feel comfortable, even if that means spending twenty five pounds on one item of make up!

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