Howling at the Moon – Win, Lose or Draw

Whatever happens on Friday, the one thing I am clear on is that the calling of this election may go down in history as one the greatest political mistakes of all time. Alongside Brexit, this was a mistake that could have been avoided.

Terresa May tried to invent herself as ‘Strong & Stable’ In the end, she ended up looking weak and foolish. An MP so calculated and normally focused fell apart and showed not only her own weakness but the arrogance of the Tory Party, in the face of tough decisions. Don’t get me wrong I will shed no tears, the Dam fools that run the Tory Party failed to understand the British people.. or at least certain groups. You know the salt of the earth.

Even Boris the beast could not save her. For the first time in a long time, even the Facebook trolls sounded desperate. I even got a letter this evening from someone claiming to be a former Labour supporter saying they used to be a member but could not bring themselves to vote Labour. An argument I have never understood. The Tories have been in power since 2010… 7 years and they have made people suffer. Yet Corbyn is the problem… Salt of the Earth.

Brexit was going to be the toughest period this country has faced since the end of the war. Young people felt betrayed and the worst bunch of winners ever kept acting like winning the shit Sandwich was the best thing ever. The Country was divided and with no sign of the Avengers in sight instead of going hey lets work together, they thought a massive Tory landslide is what the people wanted. She thought she could exploit the Brexit vote and at this moment May looks like she will be making an exit once the sun starts to rise on Friday Morning.

I am not a big fan of the direction that labour has taken until recently. What makes me smile is the fact that Corbyn has literally gone ‘Fuck you’ to the system and even if he does not win, he has started a process that says ‘Solidarity’ not just in words but also in actions. Not only in England but access the UK. His politics regularly described as too lefty are actually, pretty normal across the Scandinavian of Europe.

What Teresa May should have done is suggest a coalition negotiation team. She might not now have any choice. If she had done this instead of going for this power grab it would have shown the seriousness of our situation. It would have actually sent a message that we are all in this together. Now she might not have any choice.

I remember the 80’s, when labour failed again and again to attain power, this feels different. The feels like you can start to get excited….. Not too excited……. Like, don’t run into the street Naked or wind up your Tory Mates on Facebook. Have a beer do a little dance in your room.

Curtis J Francois

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