Georgie Morrell: Edinburgh Previews!

I have several sexy previews of my new show, The Morrell High Ground, coming up before it head to Edinburgh’s Underbelly and thought let’s put them all into one event to make life extra easy!!!

Georgie Morrell: The Morrell High Ground-
Asking the essential questions: can disability finally bring sexy back? Is the benefit system as doomed as Ken Loach depicts? Are NHS doctors hotter than private ones? From when she was diagnosed with dodgy eyes and knees at three years old to turning 30 this year Georgie takes the audience through her journey. She tackles the political and social implications of what it really is to be disabled today using her unique stories, eye chart of anecdotes and disabled banter!


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14th July The Morrell High Ground @ 8pm Kings Head Theatre, London 2017.

21st July The Morrell High Ground @ 8pm Kings Head Theatre, London 2017.


**** ‘Inspirational.’-The Reviews Hub.
****-London Pub Theatres 1.

Georgie Morrell
A comedian, writer and improviser, Morrell graduated from Drama Studio London on a Dada scholarship in 2011. She is a regular stand up, improviser with improv team Kanga and the Roo. She is one half of podcast Queens of the Hungle. She is a regular blogger for The New Establishment and Huffington Post and has had articles published with RNIB, RLSB and Glaucoma Association. She can also be heard on BBC 5Live show and regular on BBC Ouch and seen on Channel 5 and Time Out magazine. She is part of the Soho Young Company. A Poke in the Eye is being developed into a radio show with Andy Godard.
‘The reality is for those of us disabled, are futures are very uncertain. The NHS is flailing, the benefit system is being cut and we live in a society still dogged with miss conceptions due to lack of education on what disability is or isn’t. If we don’t start talking about it how will be break down these barriers? ‘-Georgie
Georgie Morrell-Comedian.

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