Does Boris have a chip on his shoulder

So, I was wandering around the internet the other day and this happened;

Foot in Mouth
Foot in Mouth


I just felt inspired to get involved; it struck me as interesting on so many levels. Not only did he bring it up but also chose to use the language he used. I would also add that the President of the United States does not need me to rise to his defence, however, I just felt the urge to add my two cents.

The reason why I got really annoyed about this is Boris is not just being racist and offensive to President Obama but also to all Kenyans and possibly anyone from former Colonial Countries and current commonwealth members. Now think about what he wrote;
“Some said it was a snub to Britain. Some said it was a symbol of the part-Kenyan President’s ancestral dislike of the British Empire – of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender,”


Now Boris the buffoon is always given leeway in a ‘Prince Phillip he’s just a bit naughty way’. However, this walking ball of naughtiness is not just an MP but also a representative of London as its Mayor that is home to more than a few people from various colonies. Now some might argue he is not being racist but I argue that not only is he racist but this has also exposed an attitude that some people in the Establishment (not the New see as distrust over loyalty. Take into account that he could have gotten his message across without adding Kenya into the mix (a colony till 1963)




The truest evidence of how sad Boris’s attack was is that it shows that a certain group of people hold the former colonies in such disdain and when I say former colonies I mean the ones with the brown people in them. I get the feeling that Boris is sat there at night before going to bed wondering how much the blacks must hate the United Kingdom. I would love to ask Boris exactly what he dislikes and the reason he thinks there is hate. Now before everyone goes ‘maybe he’s reading too much into this’, please take note, this is not the first time that Boris has thought less of my fellow brown colonials. In 2008, he had to say sorry for the following;

Boris 2

From an article in 2008

So what now? Is Boris the future Prime Minister of England? The Scots will leave for sure if this happens. Will he be held to account? I doubt it! Boris is one of those Elites that could say whatever and never lose anything, not his safe seat; not his bad hair. Another note might be this is actually a case of self-hatred. Yes, I said it; he might not actually just hate Brown foreigners it might be a general case of self-loathing. ‘How could this be so?’ you ask. Well if you go to the Wiki page for the Blond Dynamite you will see this;


Boris 4


Bad enough I know but also this;


Boris 3


I’ll just leave that here for you all to ponder. If you would like to know a bit more about Kenya please just follow these links.

BBC – Kenya

Wikipedia – Kenya


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