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Founded in 2008 we aim to inspire discussion and debate. Using podcasts and the power of the written word we will for a new style of debating society through entertainment and information.

Talking about all the subjects that they say should never be spoken about in the pub. We will discuss, debate and debunk the big issues we face in society today.

Using podcasts, blogs and live shows we aim to bring people together to over the web and at live venues using all forms of social and media formats such as live discussion and entertaining articles and podcasts.

This is, The New Establishment.

Curtis J François
The New Establishment
Loud and Steadfast

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Curtis J François

Born in Fulham, London Curtis J François was a quick learner and always trying to do something new wether it was walking or talking he was involved. An atheist from the age of 12 Curtis learned quickly to question everything but learn as much as you can.

He is a writer, producer and at various points been a bouncer, Barman and travelled a a fair bit. He has worked at BBC, KissFM and studied History, Media and Production. 

The New Establishment is and attempt to create a debating forum where people really can join discuss issues and highlight problems. Get people talking to each other and not at each other. Something Curtis really believes the world needs right now.

twitter @CJRocked

Georgie Morell

As  well as being a full time shit hot party legend, philanthropist and excellent drinking buddy, Georgie is also a stand up comedian, Improviser and writer.  Her full length debut stand up show, A Poke in the Eye, is currently off to Leicester Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe and Hastings Comedy Festival.  Her second full length show is in the pipeline, The Morrell High Ground.

She is one half of topical feminist podcast Queens of the Hungle.  We are filth! Welcome to the Hungle!  @hunglequeens

For anything else just follow these sexy links.

I am deputy editor and writer for The New establishment.  I will be covering comedy, disability, current affairs and one of three contributors to NE sex column.  

Comedian-4* Review for Georgie Morrell @ Soho Theatre.




My Podcast-@hunglequeens https://soundcloud.com/user-33667106

Joe Sarrington


Although Joseph has studied acting at the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology, the National Youth Theatre and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, he’s always been very passionate about music. His taste and knowledge is broad and certainly eclectic as he can listen to, and appreciate, anything from avant-garde Jazz to Krautrock, Dub Reggae to Post-Punk and more. He’s both delighted and excited to be a founding father of The New Establishment, where, apart from being a contributor on other subjects, he is the exclusive writer for music related items.

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