You do not have to vote, and this is why…

The biggest myth you will hear is you have to vote, you do not.

You will hear rubbish like… ‘If you don’t vote you can’t moan’. You can still moan, if no-one is representing you or anything that you believe in don’t just vote for the best of two evils. All you will do is encourage them. BUT

What you do have to do is register to vote, and today 22nd May is the last day. Click here to register

Why register if I’m not going to vote? (I will tell you, it was the point of me writing this.)

I didn’t vote in 2015. I voted in the election before that, I put in significant thought and compared ideas and manifestos, then I voted Liberal Democrat. It was like I’d gone on two dates, I loved date one and hated date two. So I decided to marry date one but on our wedding night she pulled off her mask to reveal she was in fact date two and my date was tied up in a Tory basement somewhere.

So in 2015 I gave every party the chance to win me around but no one did. I was told time and time again by social parrots ‘but you have to vote, you have to vote’ and I would say but I don’t believe in any of them or the system? And they would say ‘You have to vote, you have to vote’ like Doctor Who villains.

What I forgot to do was register to vote, meaning that I just went down as someone that didn’t care and more importantly as we got closer to the election and I did start warming to one of the candidates it didn’t matter because I didn’t take three minutes to register.

I will give you one more reason why you should vote and one reason why you shouldn’t bother.

While Theresa May has been an MP she has been able to vote on 1275 issues, 784 times she decided to vote and 491 times she decided to not bother voting. If strong and stable can’t be bothered why should you? But you still need to register.  (I worked out her voting using this but if I am wrong tell me and I will adjust it).

And a reason why you should vote, because they don’t want you to. Who are they? The people in power, they won the last one why would they want you to vote? They have all the people they need, they know that you are too stupid or to young or to selfish, they know that they are going to win by a landslide. They have made sure that you have heard it’s pointless. Labour can’t win, Corbyn can’t lead, Tories will win easy, why bother. If you have heard any of that it’s because they don’t want you to vote. Meaning every person that does not vote is a vote for the Tories…

Don’t be ashamed this is a democracy if you want to vote Tory vote for them, don’t just sit back and vote for them by doing nothing.  Whatever you do register because if you don’t it will be like declaring yourself bankrupt in a game of monopoly and for the next couple of weeks you will have to just sit and watch others playing with no decision over who takes the board home. (yeah that metaphor fell apart half way, shut your noise).

Register to vote here.

Free ice cream here. (This just takes you to register to vote but you never know)

This is a link to ‘five reasons that you should register’ by BBC, I have not watched it but they are more intelligent than me so they probably have more rounded and better reasons and so I thought l’d add it.

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