Why bother?

It’s only Wednesday and it’s already been a funny old week. Notre Dame burned as Extinction Rebellion hit the streets of London in protest of the governments lack of action on Climate Change meanwhile in America Amazon gets tax credit and Parliament, after securing yet another extension to the Brexit debacle, went on holiday.

You could not write this mess.

I often ponder on the natural hypocrisy of the human race. It chills me to see litter strewn in parks, beaches and tubes. Animal agriculture causes more damage to the planet than fossil fuel emissions and by 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic by weight than fish but we happily chow down on plastic wrapped steak and pop our drink bottle in the recycling bin blissfully ignorant to the fact that it most likely will never be recycled. We fight for human life in our own hive but when it comes to the war torn masses we don’t want them begging on our streets, taking our benefits or getting in the way of Eastenders. It is such a simple thing to clean up your own mess but apparently we are incapable. We follow our global leaders like sheep who give tax breaks to those corporations largely responsible for environmental damage and supply weapons to the people bombing the war torn masses. We are very easily distracted. An angry headline decides our political stance, a pop-up ad on Facebook prompts yet another unnecessary purchase, look a kitten…

Although convenience has become the hallmark of progress it will also be the key to our destruction. We are killing ourselves and each other by our own way of life and we do not want to change.

But it turns out that we can take action. Notre Dame was only burning for five minutes before the French Elite pledged 600 million Euro to fix it. That was easy. Never before have we seen such a swift response and all to save an old building. Yes it’s pretty I’ve seen it. Yes it was built 850 years ago but I really don’t understand how protecting the shell of a memory is more important than saving the lives of the living. I’m not opposed to historic relics in any way shape or form but in life priorities are necessary and when the U.N and 250 climate change experts tell us it is nearly too late to stop irreversible damage to our world I feel like maybe we should do something about that first?

Extinction Rebellion are trying. I only found out about them yesterday when I saw a mate of mine on the news getting arrested at their three day peaceful protest blocking off three major junctions in Central London. They are currently staging similar protests in 80 cities across 33 counties as I write. Good on them. It seems that disrupting our modern day narcolepsy is the only way to get any of us to listen. Interestingly this is where the hypocrisy comes in again. The human ego or self-saboteur within all of us responds with vigour to being told no. I have no doubt that commuters went home to even more meat and plastic than ever probably enjoying it all the more as a fuck you to the climate change protesters that interrupted their daily doze on the bus.

Can’t help thinking what would Henry VI have done if he had known that his world was facing rising sea-levels, melting glaciers and human extinction? He didn’t have to worry about carbon-emissions, fossil fuels or over-population in 1431 when he was crowned King of France inside Notre Dame. It was a simpler time. People were probably more worried about getting stopped for a dual in the streets on their way to buy a pint of milk than the extinction of Polar Bears. Trouble is although most of us don’t walk around with swords in our belts these days we are still our own worst enemy.

On the one hand I do think that the world is over-populated. There are far too many of us. Humans breed like rabbits without thinking about the consequences. We are the biggest drain on our own environment. It is one of my biggest pet peeves that people continually reproduce without considering the life they are creating or whether or not they should be creating it at all. Maybe if the seas rise and the planet warms up it’ll be another part of natural selection? A human cull? Doesn’t sound so bad when you think about some of the despicable human beings running most of the planet. Unfortunately these people are already preparing for the end of the world, buying into Survivalism in distant landscapes, meaning most likely they will be the only ones left.

So an old building can be saved by billionaires almost instantly while millions starve. 72 (or possibly more) people were burned alive in Grenfell tower, a fire that most likely could have been prevented if our Government had used the proper materials to insulate it, and nothing like that sum of money was offered by anyone to help the survivors. We know that climate change is happening yet still we are told nothing and our Governments do nothing. We know that plastic pollution is flooding the oceans and poisoning our seas but not only can we still buy plastic we live in a disposable society where our immediate thirst or hunger is more important to us than any of our futures.

We make excuses. We make ourselves feel better. We justify our own behaviour and that of our corrupt and deluded Government. We care more about History than we do about the Future. We are fucked so why bother?

Bother for yourself. Bother for your children. Bother the world.

Janna Fox is a writer and actor. For more information please visit www.jannafox.com @fox_janna

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