All I want for the NHS not to get privatised!

Sorry for my absence guys but I’ve been very busy being a publicity whore!  Your all so welcome!


I want to get stuck right in and re iterate a blog I wrote at Christmas.  After seeing this-


-I had to speak out again.  The NHS is everything to me and without it, I am screwed! Please enjoy my blog but don’t just read it, tweet it, talk to people about the very, very uncertain future of the NHS because it is a very real threat as we plan to leave the EU.   You may not need it now but you will one day so lets try keep it, just in case.

I am in the process of writing my new show.  My last show had a supporting cast of my parents voice.  The supporting act for this will be the major role of the NHS.   May’s government will still be taking a shit over everything we hold dear from the NHS, to benefits whilst badly negotiating us out the EU when in truth, none of us wants to leave.  However,  I am a positive Polly and as I have long said we must continue to fight the good fight because it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  Continue to get involved in the bigger problems, keep talking and debating,  perhaps support a charity or cause,  go on a march or just tweet to inspire debate, or even better, inspire change.


‘But Georgie what can little old you do? Apart from continuing to be hilarious with exceptional sex appeal.’


Well apart from that, I thought I’d  write a letter, no not to the Easter Bunny, although that not really a thing but I’m crowbarring this blog into Easter instead of Christmas, but to our Prime Minister Theresa May in one last ditch attempt to try get her to reconsider some of the decisions she is making….obviously one that affects me though! Bare with, this isn’t as selfish as I usually am!


I cannot stop terrorism, I cannot take in all the refugee children, I cannot overturn a government.  But I can write a heartfelt, human interest story that is slightly inspiring but also totally self-involved.  So I will do what I have always been good at.  Turning things around and making them about me!  A talent I have perfected over the last 30 years….


One thing I want for Easter is to still have the NHS by Easter next year.  By the way, before I crack on, for anyone unfamiliar with the immediate demise of the NHS under May’s government, here’s a quick re-cap. Cameron’s government, I know I forgot about him too,  wanted to revise it and so does May.  She has never denied this and will most likely implement it as soon as Brexit is done.  We will have to pay for healthcare.  It will not be a free service.  If you want proof – during Trump’s presidential debate, Richard Branson brought up a massive chunk of it. Fact. Do you know what Branson likes? Money!


So here is my X Factor style sob story to May that would make an ITV producer Jizz his pants in an attempt to connect with you personally and see what making the NHS privatised would do to me and therefore all those who can’t afford it if you make it private…..

Dear Prime Minister Theresa May,


I know we haven’t seen eye to eye since you became our prime minister by default- I mean you became prime minister totally fairly and not because one candidate was a Judas and another couldn’t keep her gob shut.  Yes, May! That’s right!  It’s personal now!  You have been pissing me off for ages but now I’m bringing out the big guns.  If this story doesn’t make you want to keep the NHS a public owned body then nothing will and you’re officially a vampire who really does feed off the blood of refugee babies and hangs from the roof of the House Of Commons like a bat. If you see how your decisions affect little adorable me, an individual, maybe it will melt your stone cold heart so 2017 doesn’t suck quite as much!  

I naively gave Cameron the benefit of the doubt because I honestly didn’t think he would’ve gone through with privatisation of the NHS which seeing as he U-turned EVERYTHING, and I enjoyed calling him Shiny Face Cameroon, but you May had the chance to get rid of Jeremy Hunt and you DIDN’T.  That’s why I believe you are determined to dismantle, cripple and desecrate over my NHS and I strongly believe as result, you have no soul.  That’s strike one.


My worry stands and I beg you to just admit it, that you want to it to crumble.  The NHS needs more money and you refused their request.  You are bringing in more and more paperwork slowing down its service and lengthening its waiting list.  You can’t pull the wool over my one eye May! From where I stand you want it to fail as a public owned body.  You want it to continue to have long waiting lists and slow service so you can sell us that privatisation is the only option and sell it off bit by bit.  Your PR tactics are clever but you don’t fool me.  The money is there and without a shadow of a doubt, the NHS should get priority. People will believe you too.  They will support privatisation because they think that’s how it will be fixed.  You have tools so powerful and the press in your pockets.  If we learnt anything from Brexit it’s that people believe what they read! Please don’t abuse that fact any more than Cameron already did.  It’s not a coincidence that Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron were so buddy buddy.  


Let me tell you my story Mrs May.  If you see how important the NHS is to the individual maybe you will see the bigger picture…..


I owe the NHS everything.  I am nothing without it. The NHS diagnosed me at 3 years old with arthritis and the reason I am not in a wheelchair is the quick treatment from the doctors who are the epicentre of the NHS.  Brilliant men and women you’re allowing your Health secretary to push around.  It’s not just the medical care but their exceptional kindness they showed to a three-year-old and her terrified parents. My care and medicines were carefully arranged and thought out so I could have a normal childhood.  They did things I didn’t like.  Splints at night when you’re six years old so my legs wouldn’t be crooked.  I didn’t like it then but now I have great legs and couldn’t be more grateful.   

My treatment continued at specialist clinics when I was later diagnosed with Glaucoma Uveitis.  They worked tirelessly to save my eyesight.  They could only save one and I do not blame them for that. They did everything they could and within the means of a great and healthy funded NHS. I went blind 8 years ago and they restored it. They actually gave me the gift of sight back.  Mind-blown! Doctors and nurses without hesitation operated on me and gave me my sight back. They did the impossible. They healed my blistered cornea when I was in agony.  They removed stitches from my eye.  They monitored me every 6 months. This was all for free.

I get monthly blood tests to ensure my liver is monitored for the drugs prescribed by my consultant rheumatologist who is a doctor of the NHS.   The NHS is the dozens of eye doctors who have treated and kept my sight going and pain levels down.  The same doctors who have reassured me or joked with me to keep me from a minor breakdown when I had to hear bad news again.  It is the nurses who held my hair back after I vomited because I always vomit after a general antithetical.  It’s the anaesthetists who calculated the best anti-sickness drugs and who tried so hard to make sure I didn’t throw up but lose to my sensitive tum tum. I appreciate the effort, guys!

It’s not just the eyes.  It’s the doctors who prevented cells on my cervix turning to cancer.  It is the mammogram that caught my mother’s breast cancer early and she is now on her way to a full recovery. My brother on the NHS was cut up and put back together as a child, thus saving his life. He’s fine now, but if you saw him you wouldn’t think a thing had ever been wrong with him. That’s thanks to them. It’s Moorfield A&E service that looks after my one eye whenever there’s a slight pain or tickle and they very kindly absorb my paranoia.  I have never had to receive private health care.  Not once.


It’s one of the few left public owned models that is overworked, underpaid and badly resourced.  The NHS is Me but it’s is also US.  All of us.   It is the jewel in this country crown and must be fiercely fought for and nurtured.  I find it unfathomable that you want it to fall apart and become a ‘’business’ or private company but I’m sad to say I can see it happening.  I can see the crack appearing in my 27 years as one of its top users.   Waiting times are longer, staff are overworked.  More letters need typing, appointments are being pushed back.  Yet you have found a way to not take responsibility for this and will somehow use you clever PR tactics to look like you have saved the day when it was really you who broke it in the first place.  You are currently winning and we the public, those who need and love the NHS are losing. But it’s 2017 and it’s time to make some changes because I will be fucked if I’m writing you another letter in a year’s time!

If you privatise me and many others will have to pay for healthcare or take jobs that provide insurance.  We can’t afford this.  Maybe those are jobs we don’t want.  But May, look at my 27 years of medical history…no insurance company in the world will give me medical insurance at a  reasonable amount.  Certainly not better at the tiny amount I pay of NI to support the NHS.


If  I have to visit you like Scrooge and the three ghosts May I will!  But I’m busy and really can’t spare the time!  I don’t envy your job.  I don’t envy the decisions you make but this one is simple.  Give the NHS the funding it needs and that’s a start.  You have the power to do the right thing.  I feel like I should say a nice thing to you so we don’t have too much bad blood between us….I’m thinking….I liked the hat you wore to armistice day ceremony….it was a strong look.


Happy Easter Prime Minister.

Yours sexily,






Our trump card is still ours and we must fight! They haven’t taken it yet.   Read through the bullshit, support press that wants the NHS to remain ours and think before every political decision you make.  We are a country in great debt but it can’t be that bad to sell our prize possessions like a drug addict pawning their mother’s jewellery.   


If you disagree with any of this please please tweet us and let The New Establishment know your thoughts.  We want to debate whether we agree or not because that’s what 2017 needs to be about.

Georgie Morrell is a comedian, performer and writer. She regularly blogs for Huffington Post and The New Establishment.

Her upcoming solo shows are back in London on 17th October 7pm. Georgie Morell: A Poke in the Eye is at The Phoenix Artist Club, London. Tickets- event tix

And, Georgie Morrell: The Morrelll High Ground, 18th October 8pm at The Star of Kings, London. Free entry/PWYC.

Listen out for her in November on BBC Radio 4 Drama ‘Jayne Lake’ by Matthew Graham.



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