Vaccinate your children. It’s that simple.

It helps to keep them healthy and it keeps children who cannot be vaccinated through other medical conditions alive. It’s not hard to understand.
I have a cousin, who is autistic, and yes her mother has always blamed the vaccination, however. I don’t feel that that is the case, you see, her brother is also on the spectrum by his behaviours. I think that in this case it’s down to the way their parents genes have mixed and is just one of those things.
Other parents I know, most of them, don’t blame a vaccination for what life has brought them, they just accept their children for who they are and ride their roller coaster, the way all other human beings ride the roller coaster of life.
When it came to having my son vaccinated, I have allowed him to have all of them. Because the pros far out weigh the cons. Yes he might be crabby and unwell for a few days, yes, he has had a fever, a bit of a rash and a cough.
What he hasn’t had, is Polio, Rubella, Meningitis or Mumps. 
My baby nephew, has a poor immune system. It’s my duty to keep my son healthy, to help keep him alive. And I take that very seriously. I cannot see why anyone else wouldn’t.
We are lucky here in the United Kingdom, that we have a National Health Service who provide the vaccinations and medicines that our children need free of charge. In a lot of places, this is not the case.
Which means, due to the movement of people, through immigration, asylum and refuge, there are infections and diseases appearing in schools that have not been encountered here for a long time. This can be damaging to our children, and as parents, it’s down to us to protect them as best we can.
By no means, am I saying go into the vaccination blind and uneducated. But. At the end of the day. A few days discomfort, is better than a serious illness. No one wants their child to be unwell. So if you can prevent it from happening, why wouldn’t you? That’s just common sense and good parenting.
I know that an American friend of mine was shocked that we do not vaccinate against chicken pox, which, although a rough ride, gives its own (supposed) immunity, and  rarely, and leads to any serious harm happening to the child. The diseases we protect our children against, can and do have serious, sometimes life threatening consequences.
I completely understand that some people can’t vaccinate for medical purposes-because to do so would be a danger to their child at that time.
But. This is the only reason not to. 

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