Time to say ‘Enough is enough’ to our media

I do not want to know the names of the three London attackers.

I do not want to see pictures of the three London attackers, because that is what they want.

Also while we are at it, stop reporting that isis have taken responsibility, the only reason they take responsibility is so that the media will spread it. Ignore them.

Every time a terrorist attack happens in Britain we brilliantly stand together saying ‘we will not let the terrorists win’ but what are they trying to win?

The attacker wants isis to know his name.

The attacker wants the world to see his face.

Isis want the world to think that they have the power to commit crimes in the west.

The attack is trying to cause a divide between non Muslims and Muslims.


While we all stand together the only people I can see helping the terrorists win are most of our media.


Photos of terrified people running from a terrorist should not be placed on the front page under catchy headlines. Stop selling us the terrorism story. The people in those pictures might not want a photo of the worst night of their lives. Example headline ‘Terror at the Arena’ ‘Carnage at Concert’ ‘Killing our Kids’ (I refuse to put example pictures on this blog)

With the Westminster bridge attack the video of a young lady falling off the bridge was played on most websites with the excuse that she survived, unfortunately she later died meaning that the media had spread the footage of that poor girls terrifying last moments, this is how the terrorists win.

The Sun printed the face of one of the young victims next to the smiling face of the attacker after the Manchester attack with the words Pure Evil. He should never have been placed next to her, she should never be remembered with him, this is totally disrespectful, yet we as a country let it happen.

Stop sensationalizing the attack or terrorists and honour the victims. Report the news worthy facts and stop trying to sell newspapers and create your own narrative out of the pain and suffering.

Again I’m not going to provide pictures because I don’t want to spread the crap further (you can see them here) but here are examples of some of the headlines. The day after the One Love concert and the London Bridge attacks.

The Sun ‘Jihadi killer in an Arsenal shirt’ (picture of killers)

The Daily Mail ‘Bloody day all of Britain said: Enough is Enough’ (pictures of killers before and after the attack) It boasts on its front page ‘Unrivalled coverage of 3rd attack in 10 weeks’

The Times ‘Massacre in the Market’ (with pictures of the attackers)

The Daily Express has a big red circle designed to get your attention and sell to you that says ‘Exclusive pictures of the evil killers’

The Mirror has picture of the killers and also say ‘The terrorists died in a hail of bullets’


Six British news papers today carry the pictures of the attackers on the front page.

Four carry the words ‘Enough is Enough’ which (in my opinion) are an attempt to politicise the attack as this is what Theresa May said. (three mention that she said it in the headline)

One tells you what football team one of the terrorists may have supported.

The day after an attack like any of the three that we have seen in the last couple of months it should be widely accepted that out of respect for the victims that all newspapers run a blank front page or a message that is respectful and does not help the terrorists spread the fear and panic that they are trying to achieve.

Stop buying the newspapers, stop clicking on the links and they will stop being disrespectful…










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