Those Sick Bastards

Sobriety in The City

A Sober take on Love, Life and London

By Janna Fox



Those sick bastards.

What sort of a person drives a van into a pavement filled with pedestrians?

Those sick bastards.

What kind of psycho runs around the streets of London stabbing innocent people?

Those sick bastards.

What sort of a nutter walks into a concert full of children with a bomb strapped to himself?

Those. Sick. Bastards.

I am a non-violent person. I was never hit as a child and I don’t hit other people. I don’t believe in torture or the death penalty under ANY circumstance. I don’t believe in running around with a knife stabbing people. I don’t even believe in shooting terrorists running through London Bridge who are armed and dangerous.


Killing is killing. Two wrongs do not make a right. We are better than that, well, we should be better than that by now. It’s 2017 for crying out loud.

In the wake of these recent violent acts happening in the U.K, two on my doorstep as a resident of London, I find myself feeling pretty normal. I am not afraid of going out, anymore than I was before in a world of questioningly moral individuals who believe in fox hunting and tolerate the widespread murder of animals/livestock who spend their lives in torturous conditions because it tastes good.

I don’t really feel any way about these recent acts of what the newspapers call ‘terror’ except surprise that we didn’t get it any worse. Everything on our planet is connected as Quantum Physics teaches there is only a certain amount of energy in the world therefore an action will always provoke some kind of reaction. I am therefore surprised that after all of the wars, mass murder and devastation the governments of the United Kingdom have historically inflicted around the world that we have not seemed to receive our fair share of karma. Yet.

What surprises me the most is how people seem to be more upset about bloodshed in their own country than any other form of bloodshed like it’s somehow worse people dying over here because they are British. I don’t get that. Genuinely, I don’t. Now don’t get it twisted I am not saying that it’s not devastating for the people who have lost friends, family and loved ones in these attacks. I’m sure it is. I have lost many people over the years through various types of death and it hurts I understand that. But pain cannot be measured. The people killed in the attack in London are not the only people that died on Saturday and their loved ones loss is no more than any other person mourning a death from any other cause. I of course feel for the people that have had a terrifying experience or have lost someone as I do for anyone experiencing loss at any time.

I am not condoning any form of terrorism especially in the name of a religion. As I said before killing is killing.

On average 1400 people die in the UK every day. When I went looking for some news stories relating to these statistics the majority of readily available news articles about death in the last two weeks relate to the two most recent ‘terrorist attacks’ in London and Manchester. It seems that we are being told that these deaths matter more than others and lots of people seem to believe it.

Killing is killing. Death is death. And I smell a war.

When there is an incident overseas the first thing the media comment on is whether any of them were British or not. Why? Does it matter more to you that someone is dead if they are from the same country as you or the same city or are of the same religion or skin colour?

It doesn’t matter to me. It matters to me if I knew the person but honestly if I didn’t then I’m sorry for those affected by that pain but I feel no need to lay claim to any of it.

I also struggle to get behind the rage aimed at the terrorists, the killers. Yes I can see that what they’ve done is wrong but I don’t feel immediately angry towards them. Maybe that’s because I don’t ultimately blame them and anger doesn’t make me feel better about it, I certainly don’t feel the need to turn my aggression towards the Muslim community; who are made to feel so responsible for these deaths that they start fundraising like mad just to show a public persona of support for the victims and not the terrorists. It wasn’t us, honest, please don’t deport us!

My anger is aimed at the giants who own  and control the media, and are therefore directly responsible for what the majority of the country see or don’t see and Westminster.

On February 16th of this year 88 people were killed in Pakistan by a similar ‘terrorist’ incident but no one told me. Where was the hashtag? The different profile pics on Facebook? I don’t remember seeing any news stories, my feed was not flooded with the images of 250 injured people running from IS. This sends the message that nobody cares, particularly our media. It’s in Pakistan, so what.  There is a definite British selfishness affiliated with International death that becomes particularly evident when we are the ones causing the death.

Anyone remember Syria? I’m sure the British media are not so short sighted that they’ve forgotten about all of those immigrants ‘coming over here’ and ‘taking our benefits’ although they’ll be lucky if there are any benefits left depending on which way the country votes on Thursday. Interestingly the focus with Syria in this country is always on the people coming here not what they are running away from.

Bombs. They are running away from bombs. Since Donald Trump entered the White House the death toll of reported (that’s an important word) civilian deaths has risen by 277 percent. You remember Donald Trump don’t you? The big fat orange man our Prime Minister was holding hands with not so long ago? If you can’t recall it here’s a picture.

I somehow can’t envisage Jeremy Corbyn cosying up to Trump in quite the same way that Theresa did…can you? #VoteLabour

I shouldn’t have to tell anyone that as a country we have done more than everyone’s fair share of killing. I’m not even talking throughout history because I don’t have enough space. So lets just keep it to the last twenty or so years shall we? Interestingly it is near impossible to even find out a solid number of how many Iraqis were killed in the Iraq war by British or American troops. Numbers range from 5000 up to 1 million. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because no one gives a fuck? But when typing into google ‘how many Iraqis were killed by the British’ the first article that came up was ‘How many British troops were killed in the Iraq war’.

Even our search engines are racist when it comes to death.

We all know that the British and Americans sell arms to the Saudi’s. And we also all know by now that the Saudis sell (give) weapons to IS. We all know that IS is a Muslim extreme group that has claimed responsibility for the majority of recent terror attacks worldwide and that followers or fans of theirs are motivating  young Muslim lads, many of them British, to get ‘radicalised’ and become suicide bombers or extremists themselves.

And then we all carry on with our jolly lives as if we never read it.

*raises hand

So you could argue that the British government are partly responsible for such terror attacks couldn’t you? You could say that our ‘divide and conquer’ Foreign Policy has caused a lot of people to dislike us greatly. You could say that maybe if we didn’t go around bombing people that others might not want to drive vans into people. And you could say that there is something very wrong, very hypocritical and very dangerous about a government making friends with countries who support the very terrorism it claims itself to be fighting.


Those sick bastards.

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