The Social Misfit Arrives

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself as the newest writer to the New Establishment team! I am Rashida and I will be talking all things fashion. I am super excited to be sharing all my fashion tips with you all and I hope I can get you all looking and feeling good!

So what to talk about in my first post.. I’m thinking trousers. This Summer one of the biggest trends has been the statement trouser, we’re not lucky enough in the UK to wear shorts during the summer, so we do have to settle for the trouser! But the high street has been giving us some nice pairs ladies! Team a statement trouser with a casual t-shirt, blouse or a shirt and you are good to go! Colour is a big thing too ladies! Instead of going for just a simple colour (eg. Black or White) get yourself a pair in a statement colour! Go outside of your comfort zone!

So for today’s post I’ve put together a list of some of the best pair of trousers I have seen whilst shopping around, I’ve also posted some links below of where you can get a similar pair for yourselves! Happy trouser shopping ladies!


  1. (similar here) A pair of simple white high waist wide legged trousers. Wide legs are seriously in at the moment, a day I didn’t think would come. Remember when your mum would try and put you in a pair and you would cringe! History has a funny way of repeating itself.


  1. (similar here) You can never go wrong with Khaki green. Team these with a simple top for a casual look or maybe a black lace leotard for a more dress up Friday night drinks look!

3. (similar here) Not exactly the same colour I know – but a very similar style!

  1. (similar here) Misguided never ever let me down. A statement colour and a statement pant, it can’t get any better.
  1. (similar here) A nice simple pair of trousers if you’re a casual simple girl. I’ve found some different colours for you as well!

I hope I’ve been a help to you all in your trouser search! They’ll definitely be more style tips coming from me in the future! I do also have my own fashion blog ( so do check that out if you get the chance!

Rashida x

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