Short Circuit…(how you are actually punished for having sex…)

This morning I stood, by myself for an hour, various screwdrivers in hand, uttering swear words like you wouldn’t believe . Because I was being bested by a remote control bloody car.
The issue. A change of batteries was needed. Simple: that I can do. Or so you would think. I have a drawer full of the size required and they are updated on a regular basis. Easy. I can handle this. I have tools, I am good to go… awesome mummy will be part of this car race in next to no time…
The reality? The screw was spinning around and around with no intention of coming out of the hole. So, I tried to jam it, to wedge it, to prise it out, and nothing would move it. It did not want to come out. Not one thing that I tried would make it budge. Spin yes, that it would do spectacularly. The batteries remain as snug as a bug in a proverbial rug. 
Naturally, being a single mother, I hate to show my son that mummy can’t do a task-this hence lent me to learning DIY, how to race a car around a car mat (and lose as me winning upsets the toddler) and how to generally be a dab hand with a drill… so.. when I cannot get the screw out of the blasted remote control car, I turn to my male friend, who, to bless his little heart, informed me, that my electric screwdriver wasn’t going to cut it.
So I tried it his way. It didn’t work…there is going to be nothing else for it, the car is going to have to go to recycling shop; and may come back looking slightly different. We will not admit that I am planning on binning the blasted thing and just buying a new one and hoping to god that he buys the recycling shop story for the near future.
My anger towards a children’s toy was rising and it led me to realise that this was the punishment for those who had known carnal sin. You may convince yourself that you are an awesome parent, but, you are going to punished for those moments of pleasure… and the format of that punishment comes in AA…
And then I realised that I do have an answer and a way of remedying this form of torture in the future. And yes, my friend who purchased this particular car, I am looking at you. Yes you. I hold you responsible and I am not pleased with you right now.
So,here on in, Should any of you desire to to purchase my child a toy that requires batteries of any description, then you take on the responsibility of not only purchasing those batteries as his cars are costing me a fortune, but of also being the one to maintain them. I do not wish to do this. It’s a headache for me and the source of this nightmare came from
Battery changes are down to you. The screw driver is in the cupboard.
Good luck.

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