Record Store Day Experience


by Joseph Sarrington Smith

It was Record Store Day on Saturday, that glorious day of the year when people come together to celebrate music for the joyous thing that it is. I’ve heard it’s not unusual for passionate vinyl hunters to start queueing on the street outside from 4am, eager to get their hands on some rare 12″ that could turn out to be the greatest thing they’ve ever heard. For a music nerd like myself, to miss out on a once-a-year event such as this seemed unthinkable, so I decided I would pay a visit to one of the best (in my opinion) independent record shops in London, Flashback Records, to have a browse (one of my favourite pastimes actually). It was certainly buzzing by the time I arrived!

It’s so great that Record Store Day exists, and gives me hope that both vinyl and independent record shops are here to stay thanks to the interest of my generation, and (hopefully) future generations. We were even treated to some very enjoyable live music in the basement, courtesy of The Bin Bags; a very decent indie band worth checking out.


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