Pigs in blankets (The Great Escape)

Wow the heat!!! I had been looking at the forecast for the weather for days, with hope and a little bit of fear! Hope that it would be that warm, and my winter hating soul (except for Christmas) would finally be able to take the thick socks off… and fear as to how I was going to keep myself cool in so hot a heat!

Keeping my son cool is easy, I just stripped him off, lathered on the factor 50 as we don’t want any burned three year old on our hands, and set him off in the direction of the paddling pool… but being a rather chunky lass, I have always been a bit self conscious about stripping down… so, how was I going to do it?
I tend to try to keep bits and pieces off my body covered a little if I can-I am not as young as I used to be, and in my case, some styles are very much left in the past where they belong.
The answer hit me in the face like a wet fish-the only person who cares about how I look, is me. I am clean and generally well presented, so, I just had to get a grip, grow a thicker skin against my own army of inner voices and go for it… especially as I was only going as far as my mothers back garden.
So, I did it. In an outside of a swimming pool, abroad where I do not know anyone situation, I put on my trusty all in one swimsuit, and lathered on the sun cream, as we do not want a burned Thirty something either, and I got in the pool with my boy!
Timmy Mallet did not appear in his full 90’s glory and start singing about my itsy bitsy teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini…nor did anyone, myself included, run shrieking with their eyes covered, in true B movie style from the blob!
To the contrary, upon discovering that my boy is a dab hand with the water gun that my mum had brought him a multi-pack of, hilarity ensued and it became clear that I need to practice my aim as I certainly came off the worst in that water fight!
I forgot to notice my wibble and my wobble. I just had fun. And so did my child-memory making, and not so hot that all I was aware of is the smell of my own cooking skin!
Roll on the rest of the summer where I might just inflict my legs on the general public!

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