Not all vegetarians are terrorists.

Animal rights extremists have been launching terrorist attacks across the world for many years. The Animal Liberation Party (ALP) started using terrorist tactics in the nineties and have since then moved up to bomb attacks and murder.

Why every time ALP attack, do I and fellow vegetarians get asked to condemn it?

To give you a brief history, I’ve been a vegetarian for many years after reading a book about how animals are treated. Not everyone has taken from that book the same as I did, some are Pescetarians, Flexitarians and the more extreme are Vegan and I’m happy to call them all my brothers and sisters (Flexitarians not so much).

When the ALP attack they claim to have read the same book and they are doing it in the name of vegetarians. I don’t understand, the book I read teaches all Vegetarians to be peaceful so how can anyone do these horrible things in our name? Knowing that 95% of ALP attacks are on Vegetarian or vegan targets I thought no-one would ever believe the ALP’s claims that vegetarians are involved but things started to change.

Meat eaters have stopped seeing me as Luke, as soon as they find out that I’m a vegetarian they want my opinion on the latest ALP attack. They seem to need me to condemn it, which I don’t understand. I try to explain the ALP mainly attack vegetarians but they just keep asking me to condemn. It feels like by condemning the attack when told to I’m agreeing it was something to do with us. I condemn all attacks, even those on the ‘flexitarians’.

All conversations about the ALP begin with ‘Look I’m not saying that all vegetarians are terrorists but” even people sticking up for us say “It is stupid to say that all vegetarians are terrorists because” Who needs this said? All this does is continue to associated us with the terrorists.

Piers Morgan thinks that within the vegetarian community we have to do more to weed out these extremists. I know many vegetarians and not one of them would ever harm anyone. Extremist ALP members don’t run around declaring what they plan on doing to all non-meat eaters, in the same way a serial killer doesn’t tell his neighbours. Maybe once in a while they will eat at our restaurants but that serial killer shops in his local supermarket. Does that mean that all meat eaters know that he kills but are keeping it to themselves? 3000 ALP members are on a government watch list mainly from the suspicions of Vegetarians.

I will repeat, the book I read made me savour all life, animal, vegetarian, vegan, meat eaters. I live my life in a peaceful manner and have no control how others live theirs. I love my fellow vegetarians because we obviously have a lot in common but also they treat me like I am Luke. If every conversation with a meat eater ends with me having to talk about the ALP then it is obvious to me that they are not seeing me, just my vegetarianism.


Terrorists have no religion, I mean plant based diet…


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