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As Theresa May FINALLY outlines her Brexit plan and Trump gets ready for what looks to be a songless inauguration, The New Establishment gets ready for its re-launch. We will be re-launching (officially) at end of January with Ten new writers, our old founding team, podcast reviews, blogs and much more. We would like to thank everyone who has read, supported and shared our work so far, and we cannot wait to crack on with 2017!!!


To mark the upcoming re-launch (and give you a sneak-peek at what’s to come), we’d like to invite you to read the very first blog from one of new writers, Sarah ‘Bradders’ Bradnum. With Trump’s inauguration on Friday, Bradders serves her take on just how and why Trump became president.  It took two American ‘in-laws’, a thanksgiving dinner, and a lot of wine, but we are grateful to her for finally helping us understand this momentous election. Please read, share, and enjoy!


The New Establishment will be back in full force at end January. For now, we’re delighted to introduce our new writers and the full team! Stay Loud and Steadfast, people!!


The New Establishment Team.


Founder and Editor: Curtis Francois

Deputy Editor: Georgie Morrell

Deputy Editor and Co-founder: Joseph Sarrington Smith.


The New Establishment Writers-


Joseph Sarrington Smith (Music)

Janna Fox: Sobriety in the City

Bradders: Nasty Woman (Pop Culture/Current Affairs/Feminism)

Sam Went (Gaming and Politics)

Robert Ansell (Travel)

Chloe Freer (Podcasts and Film)

Lisa McKeown (Fitness and Wellbeing)

Luke Graves (Current Affairs)

Gabriel Burns (Drugs and Mental Health)

Adam Martin (Gaming)

Robert Sladden (Films, Politics and Religion)

Catherine Bensley (Theatre and New Writing)

Ed Harris (Illustration)

Susan Wyatt (Content Editor)

Georgie Morell: The Morrell High Ground (Comedy, politics and Disability)
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About Georgie Morrell 22 Articles
Georgie Morrell is an comedian and writer. I do my One Woman show A Poke in the Eye. I also do improv, sketch stand up and a bit of acting. I have written for RNIB's Insight magazine, RLSB's blog and Ideastap.

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