Morals Vs Men

Sobriety and The City

A sober take on love, life and London

By Janna Fox


So I’m on the train heading over to my fabulous hot yoga class in London Fields ( check them out!); it’s my latest addiction and is going well as I get to sweat out all my toxins, and trust me I have years of those to eradicate, in a big womb-like darkened tent heated to tropical temperatures. I look down and on the seat is a paper which I rarely read anymore as they are all so hateful however this one caught my eye and I started to read.

Front of the Evening Standard is a story about how our heroic (sarcasm) police force busted a group of customs workers at Heathrow, just before Christmas no less, for allowing drugs in (like that’s never happened before). When said article wrote about the ‘disgraced’ workers it then felt it necessary to state for the record that one of them was a woman.


Why? Why do the readers need to know that one of the ‘workers’ was female? What difference does this make to the story? Does it affect the story? Should I feel differently about the facts because one of these so called criminals is a woman? It’s similar to when journalists feel it necessary to bring race into a description when mentioning skin colours other than white. I’m fairly certain in my assumption that all the workers arrested were white, I mean, if one of them were black or Muslim I’m sure they would have let us know about it.

This made me angry because I feel that this one word fact was inserted to add some sort of shock factor. In the same way that sensationalist news does with race, the big pot of fear and hatred was being stirred by the word


And what? So one of them was a woman. Am I supposed to be even more distressed that not only are people working in customs letting in shit they shouldn’t, honestly no shock at all, but then to add to this calamity a WOMAN has been dragged into it too? Where did this feral witch come from? Who let her out of the house long enough to get a job let alone to be so utterly corrupted that she might commit a crime. Quick get the fire going let’s burn her immediately.

Which then made me beg the question; why is it that within our society women are held more morally accountable than men? Is it, yet again, down to our feminine form? Our genitals? Should our ability to create life determine our moral compass? As a woman who has never had the slightest inclination to create anything other than my own life I just don’t buy that. I have met many more maternal men than myself in my life and firmly believe that environment wins over genes, hormones and sex organs.


What the fuck is going on? Have we done some sort of time leap backwards in the last year back to bigotry, misogyny and the 1950’s?

Why do they have to point that out? Why is it more acceptable for men to behave morally reprehensibly?  Is it true that more men commit crimes, sorry, are caught committing more crimes than women; although honestly I trust the police and their statistics about as far as I can throw them. Is it also true there are more men in prison worldwide than women? Even if that is the case I don’t think this deems it necessary for us to use such primitive language in segregating the sexes when reporting, let’s face it, a pretty minor crime.

So what a woman was involved?  So what customs have been letting in drugs. I’m much more concerned that our world is being controlled by a global elite who are, as we speak, starting to back the new far right fascist millionaire currently governing America because it will be made to be in their interests and nobody is doing shit about it. I am much more concerned that the Tories are single-handedly destroying not only our position in Europe but our NHS, our school systems, railways and public housing and AGAIN nobody is DOING anything about it. I am much more concerned that the homeless population of London are being treated like criminals just for being homeless when most of them stepped out of our so called ‘care’ system and therefore are yet again the product of our very un-caring government.  I could go on and on about more interesting and necessary news.

But no, the Evening Standard would rather pander to the nationalist hate fuelling the 52% of our Island mentality rabble and would rather they all know that the police are fighting ‘crime’ and that a solitary woman was involved.


Slow clap for the Evening Standard.

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