Why I’ve Given My Body To Science When I Die


Yes I’m an atheist but that is not the reason. Being an atheist doesn’t define me, dictate me or confine me. It allows me to enjoy life with a sort of inner peace and not fear death.  I enjoy life because I know it is not a given, death is inevitable. I do not believe in pearly gates and the Holy Spirit but if I did then I’d book a table downstairs with the Gay, Bi-Sexual and suicidal rockers. Sounds way more fun to me. So What to do?

I’ve been on the organ donor list for many years and also donate blood. I believe giving back to help the living is something noble that I can do with my body when I die. If for some reason I am not able to donate my organs what then? Donate my body to Science! Yes the reason for donating my body is somewhat selfish you could say. I want to know that I’ve given something back to help others learn, understand, discover for the future. I want to know death isn’t final I guess. Some people have Heaven, I have donation, the advancement of science.

There are many other reasons to donate, one growing reason is the economy. A recent article in the telegraph found;

The BBC found the cost to local councils of so-called “paupers’ funerals” has risen almost 30pc to £1.7m in the past four years. The number of public health funerals, carried out by local authorities for people who die alone or whose relatives cannot afford to pay, has also risen by 11pc.’

To save money people are donating their body to science but be warned, just because you agree to be donated you might be rejected after death because you’re just not suitable.  Then your family still needs to pay funeral costs.

If I cannot save a life with my organs when I die then I want to give someone the chance to learn something from my body.

If you’re interested in organ donation then check out https://www.hta.gov.uk/faqs/body-donation-faqs where you can get all the information.

LisaMck 🙂

(Not Letting Dyslexia get in the way of my views)

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  1. My friend tried to donate her body for medical research and was refuse on grounds that they are overwhelm with offers , she will have to find other ways of paying for her funeral.

    • Doing research today I found that was an huge issue I never thought would be. I hope I can donate my organs but if not hopefully there is space for me.

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