It’s Jacket Season!

Hello Ladies!

Here I am, back with another post to get your wardrobes looking prim and proper! So ladies its time to say goodbye to Summer 2017, which I have to say was a good one! Although we didn’t have a lot of sunshine we did still have it! So we have to be grateful at least!

But here we are in Autumn! My 2nd favourite season after Spring! I love everything about Autumn, its not too cold, I love how beautiful the leaves look when they fall, but most of all, I love the style! There are some absolutely beautiful pieces coming out this Autumn, so ladies its time to update your wardrobes. I always find that I spend so much more money on clothes in the Autumn because theres so much to choose from and I can never decide so I just buy it all!

But, i’m gonna take the heat of frantically window shopping off of you all and I’m going to show you some of the best Autumn pieces that are out at the moment. I’m going to start today with Jackets. You see Autumn is always quite an awkward time because some days its freezing and you need a big puffer jacket and other days its slightly warm so you need a light jacket. But, don’t worry I have got you covered. Below are links to some of the new season jackets that have slowly been popping up on the high street, take your pick ladies! And thank me later ;).

  1. Aviator Jacket (found here)

2. Biker Jacket (found here)

3. Pink Mac Jacket (found here)

4. Puffer Jacket (found here)

5. Double Breasted Mac (found here)

So get jacket shopping ladies!


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