Introducing……..Georgie Morrell!!!!

PokeWell hello!

I’m Georgie Morrell and I’m the latest instalment in The New Establishment’s resident writers! Imagine we’re like that Suicide Squad but armed with laptops and opinions.

Amongst many, many remarkable things, I am a comic, actress and writer.   I will be reporting from the comedy scene as a young buck starting out and when I’m not talking about myself will cover other fascinating topics too. Don’t worry it won’t be a blog about how I’m a “Foodie’’ accompanied by a picture of an avocado mashed on toast. It will more likely be a picture of Chris Hemsworth discussing the wonder that is his torso. Hear me Ladies!

Now you going to hear a lot in my blogs about eye poking, poking of the eye, poke your eye and further eye puns from me. ‘Why Georgie?’ I hear you ask! Well, this is because I’m taking my debut one-woman comedy show, A Poke in the Eye, up to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year and want you all to ‘see’ it! It is about me and my one eye and that time I couldn’t see out of it! Don’t worry I’m ok now! Who knew going blind was hilarious?!

But the main bulk will be me, so get used to this face!




About Georgie Morrell 22 Articles
Georgie Morrell is an comedian and writer. I do my One Woman show A Poke in the Eye. I also do improv, sketch stand up and a bit of acting. I have written for RNIB's Insight magazine, RLSB's blog and Ideastap.

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