Independence Day: Resurgence


Independence Day: Resurgence had its moments but overall I just didn’t care enough.  It may have been because I watched it on the day of the referendum results and I was on the side of the aliens or because it lacked the lovable element Will Smith brought to the 1996 movie.

Sadly these big blockbusters often rely too much on CGI to push the story forward. Roland Emmerich did a great job with this ‘monster’ of a film visually but he failed in producing the characters’ likability. A good movie is when the audience really care and get behind the good guys, willing them on to win! There were moments when you think ‘did they make it?’ and I asked myself ‘do I care?’ The answer was, ‘not really.’

I personally was annoyed that young white Hollywood was pushed up front with the majorities in the supporting roles. I expected Will Smith prodigy to be leading the fight but we got Liam Hemsworth who let’s face it, you wouldn’t kick him out of bed but failed in being the goofy, lovable guy who gives us the well needed comedic relief Will Smith gave us in the first film. I also found that Jessie Usher was too solemn in his role as Dylan.


The only two characters I gave a damn about was Julius Levinson (Judd Hirsch) and David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum). I only wish they spent more time on the screen together because they didn’t have anyone who was able to bounce off them effectively.

Overall I enjoy it, I didn’t love it but its okay!  Do I recommend you going to the cinema to see it? No, it is more of a Sunday afternoon, Netflix chill movie.





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