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The Ed Harris

So here we have it! A relaunch of the New Establishment! I’m just so excited! This has been a long journey, that has just gotten quicker and quicker.

In an age when it’s harder, to tell the truth, I want to think the N.E. can play a part in clearing through all the fire and brimstone. In a world where Donald Trump is President of the United States and facts ‘do not’ matter, I want to provide a haven where people are willing to discuss the big issues. At a time when the world seems closer to Star Wars than Star Trek. What is the point? Well, I don’t know but I have a small part of the answer: The New Establishment.

Over the next weeks and months, we are going to bring some real talent to the floor via  I do this proudly and with great enthusiasm. Throughout this whole process, I have started to find my voice and part of that is giving inspiration to others. Don’t get me wrong, this is the start of a long journey, but a good journey it will be with Comedy, Politics, Sex and comment of various kinds!

Before I go any further I must thank my friends and family for keeping the faith in me and the website. A special thank you to Kat Francois and Ann Francois for always being an inspiration. A special thank you to Shona Pollack, someone who never failed to let me know I could do it and saw the ability in me, that I never saw in myself. I would also like to thank Adam Foster, the man who well started me on this journey.

The New Establishment is still growing and I want it to be a voice not just for the writer, but for you… yes you! Come and join us. Disagree if it doesn’t seem right but connect with them and let your voice be heard. I was inspired to set up The New Establishment when I saw what was happening to debate, not just in the UK, but across the world. It had stopped happening, people no longer stated a thought for a point, and that was it. No debate and no discussion. I wanted to create a brand-new online debating society via this website, where all I ask is that you bring some fact, and not just feelings and emotions. You can bring these things too, but be brave with them.

This amazing team will not disappoint. A big thank you to Georgie, because without her support the outcome would have been very different. Special thanks to Susan Wyatt, who will be protecting the world from my appalling grammar. Also, a big thank you to Joseph Sarrington for always moving forward.

So, what has all this team, work and effort given you? You will have articles this week on Sex, Life, Music, Politics, Film and Disability brought by a mixture of talent. Just check us out at the ‘about’ page to see what everyone has to offer, and as if that is not enough, down the road we will be setting up podcasts and live shows.

So, what does that have to do with you? Well, we need your feedback and encouragement, so please subscribe via the home page! Share a story that you like, or one you hate, we don’t mind!   Also, come back and see how we’re doing now & again. If there are subjects you want us to cover, please let us know. This is my first gig as an editor, so I will need as much feedback as I can get.

Did I mention I’m excited?! The New Establishment is a resistance to the bad ideas in the world when we don’t know what bad ideas are anymore. It’s an attempt to find common ground and arrive at some good ideas. To raise debate and that’s it. In the age of Trump, where people are willing to ignore the truth, we must find a way.

I have seen the UK go from Band-Aid to no aid in my lifetime. From Berlin Wall coming down while David Hasselhoff sang, to the possibility of Trump’s wall going up, to stop imaginary criminals. From an age of post-cold war hope to a new fearful cemetery. A new age in which Sarah Palin – who can’t string a meaningful sentence together – might end up being ambassador to Canada, and Boris Johnson is foreign Minister.

I’m not arrogant enough to think we can change this, but a revolution must start somewhere, and this one really did start in my bed. When I wake, that is where I get my best ideas, and The New Establishment is my best yet!

So, come along with us, as we bring you a new angle to an exciting new platform and the passion of brand-new voices to turn the tide.

Loud and Steadfast

Curtis J Francois


©Ed Harris

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