How do you build a terrorist?

Would you travel back in time and kill Hitler before he was leader?

Most people will answer yes, it would stop a war and save innocent lives.

How do you create a terrorist?

If you said yes, i just created one.

How do you know that Hitler was evil? Because you’ve been told since you were a child? Because in society he’s our go to example of evil? It’s in Books, on TV, in films? What if none of that is real? What if it is made up? How do you know? All information is controlled and during the war we used propaganda.

Why is any of it true?

What do you think kids are taught growing up under Daesh (Isis)? You think they have Google to fact check? No. If you teach a child that red is blue it will believe you. Just because it’s limbs get bigger and it grows into a man or woman, it still believes that red is blue, it still believes that Westerners deserve to die in the same way you believe Hitler to be evil.

Religion creates Terrorists?

What if we take religion away, all religion. Would the terrorists stop?

I don’t think they would. Religion is the narrative in which they choose to fight but without religion they would just find a different narrative. What else would they find?

When the Germans bombed British towns in the war our young people signed up to fight, for queen and country. They fought because they were under attack. The French during the war unable to out gun the Germans set up and underground network, attacked when they could and sacrificed when they had to. No it’s not the same, but the terrorists believe that they are at war. I’m saying that you take away religion they would still be bombing, we would still have this problem. Is it easier to use religion to brainwash young people to carry out attacks, yes. But the Japanese had kamikaze pilots, they were not doing it for God.

Are you a Terrorist?

What is a terrorist? Forget the ideology just the physical. Generally a terrorist is a man with a bomb but why is a man with bomb a terrorist? A man with a bomb that blows up the building his ex-wife works in, is a mad man. Is a man that blames God a terrorist? I think you will agree that a man with a bomb that wants to cause terror, is a terrorist?

So how does he create terror? If I blow up the cafe I’m currently sitting in leaving a note that I did it in the name of atheism and because I agree with other Atheist terrorists around the world. Despite the fact that I have had no contact with any of them. How would I get my word out? How do I cause terror.

The media, they stopped reporting facts and started sensationalise all events. The reporting adds unfounded information that make no difference to the facts but they build their own narrative. The news picking and choosing what to report and what photos to put next to it. Putting my unknown face on the front page and making sure that you all know my name, a face and name that killed so it would be out there. A name and face that can only get out there with the media’s help is creating terror. Media is not just the corporations now, social media. You spread the terror with your pray for hashtags and badly educated opinions (I include myself) and even educated opinions. The guns for hire writers that make money out of being one side or the other. We spread the terror through changing laws and by politicians using terror to help themselves. We create the terror.

Terrorism is the story of fear. The bomb is merely the ‘Once Upon a time’ we then write, read and promote the story.


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