Hitting the Spot

‘Hey Georgie! What’s ‘Hitting the Spot’?”  Well, if you have to ask your probably not doing it right!  I mean- it’s The New Establishment’s sex blog!  Myself, Janna Fox and Sarah ‘Bradders’ Bradnum will be coming to you ( pun intended) every other Friday with sexy sexy blogs!


We already have three to get you warmed up!  Please let us know your thoughts and if you want it straight to your inbox every Friday, then subscribe to The New Establishment!  Stay loud and steadfast!



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Georgie Morrell is an comedian and writer. I do my One Woman show A Poke in the Eye. I also do improv, sketch stand up and a bit of acting. I have written for RNIB's Insight magazine, RLSB's blog and Ideastap.

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