Google said its healthy?

Dietary patterns and food consumption has greatly changed in the UK since the 1940’s. The question that needs to be asked is, is nutrition evolving for the better? Obesity is on the raise and there is overwhelming evidence suggesting that major contributing factors for this is food availability, eating patterns and easy access to convenient foods. People tend grab easy access processed food over fresh fruit  and vegetables.

I’m sure someone has told you ‘you need to eat your five a day’. There is overwhelming evidence to support this claim with vegetables and fruits being an exceptional source of vitamins, selenium and dietary fiber.  However, many people think fruit is bad for you.  With the raise of social media ‘stars’ and the popularity in fitness enthusiast giving their ‘expect advice’ with no education or true understanding of how complex nutritional science is.  A common misconception being reported by ‘online celebrities’ is that fruit contains a high amount of sugar and that sugar is what is making you fat. Is social media to blame for skewed information between governing bodies and the general public?

Losing weight comes down to the simple formula of energy in Vs energy out. Believe me, as a second year nutrition student, getting energy (calories) from fruit and vegetables with all their nutritious goodness is a good thing!

Recently in Australia a breaking news story filled the populations screens explaining that scientists have discovered that white bread is just as good for you as brown bread. An interesting claim!  I wanted to know the source of this news report.  What I found was that this story originated from a two-week study with 20 participants that found no significant different between the nutritional value of absorption between brown and white bread. From a two weeks study and 20 participants a whole population is being told it is okay to eat a product with limited nutritional value over its known more nutritional counterpart.  Link to video report.

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SCAN), The National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) and The World Health Organisation (WHO) are scientific organisations and government organisations that are working towards advising a population towards optimal health through scientific proven nutritional advice.  However, until the tile of Nutritionist is protected as the title Dietitian is and guidelines are put in place to stop people calling themselves nutrition experts and spreading pseudoscience, how can true nutritional advice find its way through?

Between 2015-2017 a petition was in place to get the title Nutritionist protected, sadly this was the government response.

Occupational groups including nutritionist that are not subject to statutory regulation may consider joining a voluntary register. The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accredits those registers that meet its quality standards. This provides patients, the public and employers with assurance about the standards and competence of registrants. The Government recommends that when seeking the services of an unregulated professional, members of the public utilise those of somebody that is on a voluntary register accredited by the PSA where possible.

Department of Health

This doesn’t help the majority of the population are inundated with YouTube and Instagram ‘stars’ with no education in nutrition giving potentially dangerous advice.

If you require nutrition advice please look for a qualified nutrition you and your health deserve it.

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I'm a stage & screen writer who has become a fitness enthusiast on a lifestyle change. I fell in love with nutrition during this journey which has lead me to study Human Nutrition at university from September 2016. I am also a trained actress.

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