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So award ceremony are gender neutral now!  Well thank fuck for that and thank you MTV!  However we still have a long way to go. Here are my views are why comedy is not being honoured at a time when we most need it!

Right. I wrote a blog about this year’s Oscars to go out the day before the ceremony in LA.  So far, no problems. However  I had a gut feeling, instinct if you will, not too put it out until after the ceremony.  I am soooooo glad I did hold off!  Who knew this year’’ Oscars would be the funniest yet!  Who knew my blog about Oscars honorary, or not honouring,  comedy would coincide with the most hilarious Oscars yet.


Now there is little more to say about one of the biggest f**k up of Oscar history as it has been heavily covered.  Moonlight won not La La Land. Rightly so it is a way better film.   By the Way, watch closely and see Ryan Gosling stifle his giggles. LOL! One thing I will say though is, I’m glad it happened.  I’m glad because maybe it will be the incident that finally forces the Oscars to pull that massive stick out of its arse.  An institution and ceremony  that is suppose to celebrate creativity, inclusivity, liberation  and artistry has really started to take itself too seriously and lost sight of the fun.  No wonder this happened because they  have totally lost sight of what the Oscars are about.   Anyway Moonlight won not La La Land and Warren Beatty has been wheeled off to a home somewhere!  Enjoy!




It’s Oscar season!!! WOOHOO!!!  Who gives a fuck???!!!  I do!!! Or at least I used to…..allow me to elaborate….Now for the record – the Oscars, Baftas, Golden Globes, SAG, SOBs, whatever, etc, etc, not so much the Grammy, are a guilty pleasure of mine.    I love them and I hate them at the same time.  Now, some of you only know me as a comedian and writer but I actually trained as a serious actor once upon a time.  Get me!  Well, I played a long list of prostitutes and did some Chekhov which I sucked in, but an actor nonetheless.  Anyway, as a teen with great ambitions of being a serious actress I LOVED the acting awards ceremonies.  I loved the dresses, the tears, the glamour and of course the controversy.  What can I say- I was a naive kid who one day wanted to get that gold statue, make a speech in tears, thank her mum, agent, cat and long lost cousin.   Yet now I seem to have taken umbridge with them for many reasons.  These include the extravagance post recession, the sexism, the speeches and still the controversy.  It is quite the bind I am in.  I want to love them, as I implore people to honour  extraordinary talent. However, have we not lost our minds a tad when it comes to them?


We haven’t even made it to the Oscars yet, and already Tom Hiddleston has made a massive faux pas of a speech which kindly backs up my opinion of him being a self- obsessed, dead eyed posh boy not fit to be our next Bond.  More importantly it has already been labelled as the white Oscars just like last year, picked apart for sexism and that America is having a good old wank over itself in the form of La La Land. Sorry America but you have little to shout about right now unless it’s an anti Trump protest.  There is an argument here and a valid one at that.  However, my bind is of a personal nature and anyone who knows me will tell you I have a remarkable way of making anything all about me.  


So, as I was saying I was an actor and moved into comedy and that’s the crux of my dilema.  That’s when I fell out of love with the Oscars because I couldn’t see myself at them anymore or wishing I had won one.  I could only seeing myself presenting the whole thing joking and singing and dancing like a puppet on a string.  There seems to be no place for comedy anymore among these ceremonies.  The Golden Globes nod to it with best comedy category but drama always prevails and why should it?  Comedy is an art form that many established actors have noted, it is far harder to master than tragedy.  Plenty of girls at drama school can turn on the water works and move an audience but how many could make them belly laugh? Far too little as it transpires and it was rarely nurtured.  


Comedy is a natural gift that is then honed to perfection with timing and discipline.  Comedy is tough.  Why do you think so many comedians have breakdowns, depression or addictions.  The best year for me was when Sandra Bullock won for The Blind Side.  Yes, she did the cliche playing a real person to get an Oscar but in that role she was bloody funny.  The dead baby, playing nuns or someone with disability always comes through and I am not saying they are not worthy but the gift of laughter is an incredible talent to master in film and should be given the respect it deserves or at least have a chance to compete with the Daniel Days, Streep’s and Hoffmans of Hollywood..  The outstanding film Forrest Gump in 1994 stormed the Oscars and rightly so.  It had a terrific plot, cast and soundtrack but more importantly Forrest, the character, was just so funny.   However, in recent years these films are but a few. The Oscars are dominated by biopics, heavy drama  or a musical about a white man who ‘saves’ jazz, the film no-one wanted.  


It looks like I am going to have to be the one to say this, but aren’t we just a tad bored of cliche Oscar films?  Isn’t it about time films of fun and comic brilliance were put up against them and given a fighting chance? Why are the great comedic actors subjected to either presenting the ceremony, like the A-list of Hollywood’s court jesters, instead of being the subject of the awards for the great talent of comic timing?  We often forget that comedy and tragedy can mix together to create powerful messages resulting in strong films.  I refer again to Forrest Gump but in other than this, I struggle to think of more.   It’s exactly what we need at the moment too.    We really need is laughter through the tears, the Oscars are really missing a trick by not looking past the obvious, what I call,  ‘made for Oscar films.’  It has stopped being fun by being so narrow minded.  Maybe I am asking way too much of Hollywood.  I am asking it to simply honour comedy as it does drama when quite frankly primarily it has many more problems to face. Namely, the mis- representation or total ignorance of class, race, gender and disability.   I ask for for comedy to be able to compete with drama yet we still separate the men and women so I have much bigger fight before making sure the lolz are rightly honoured.


I guess the ceremonies are just another example of me wanting a level playing field, so that there is more to them than couture,actresses strutting like dogs on parade, goodie bags and obvious winners. Yet it is still a place where disability is invisible, ethnicity is novel and comedy is only seen via the tragic clowns presenting the awards who squeak their noses and throw water balloons for the gliterary to watch, then point and hopefully laugh.


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