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Right, so I bopped over to Italy last week to attend a wedding. So far, so good. I thought when I left, having done my postal vote for The EU referendum, I’d left the country in a reasonably sane state to make the right decision.  The right decision, though, being we should STAY in the European Union.   Oh how naive of me!    Now I turn my back for two minutes and return to a disaster which appears to be getting worse each day since.  Political parties fractured, David Cameron resigning then crying, and the threat of Boris Johnson becoming our next prime minister and that’s just scratching the surface.  But let’s not be a Debbie Downer……


Now, my last blog was all about ‘Finding the Funny’.  A phrase I coined to find a positive outlook on personal misfortune.   My pal, who had read said blog, asked me last Friday if I was going to blog on Brexit, I replied yes and she said, ‘’Good luck finding the funny in this one George!’ She was not wrong.  There is not a lot funny about this referendum.   Well except when John Major came out the wood-work and said that funny thing about a hamster!  Classic Major!   Finding the funny is that bit harder in this scenario, as a low income, twenty something, non-homeowner, registered disabled woman of which the ramification of this result will harm my generation the most, it really is quite the challenge to find some laughs.  I am very much struggling to find a positive take on the Brexit and am usually a look at things glass half full kind of woman!  We still have the Euros-wait, nope we lost those.  We have Wimbledon-wait-no… Andy Murray is Scottish and probably not a massive fan of us English right now.  We have Game of Thrones! Wait- nope that’s finished for another year.  Oh well- Swings and roundabouts!!


The main fear is the unknown.  No politician, journalist or physic even can give us an idea of what is to come but from what I’ve read it’s not looking fun.    The future of this country is so insecure and trying to work it out boggles my mind.


There are few things I feel worth breaking down and maybe there are a few LOLZ in there after all.  This unknown the country is faced with is just not felt by us, Joe Public, but the politicians too.  They are not holding out on us, they haven’t a clue either!  Therefore, poor leadership and/or lack off, is my most pressing fear and has been for some time.  It’s not just the lack leadership but the inability of, I’m afraid to say a lot of the public that are unable to see through the PR, spin and ego of these leaders.  They simply believe what is in front of them and not question further.  I have been guilty this in the past, let’s not allow that again especially as we are two days away from the nomination announce of or new prime minister.  Maybe even a new Labour leader too if things carry on as they are…. too soon?


Firstly, we must look to David Cameron leader of our government and to some extent the country.  He wanted something, the UK to ‘Remain’, didn’t get it, so is throwing his toys out the pram and is resigning.  Doesn’t exactly scream strong leader or give us much some needed assurance.  So he’s off!  Additionally, he failed in negotiations with Brussels; he then failed in whipping his party’s votes to stay in the EU and so passed it on the people who had not been fully informed on the full impact of this referendum.  We are only learning this now might be too little too late!  Personally I wouldn’t trust him as a summer camp leader right now so maybe its best he sods off.  Makes you miss Nick Clegg-wait no I take that back!  


But let’s not dwell in the past!  Let’s move on and look to future leaders and who will make the best of a rather ropey situation…


So I look to Corbyn, Leader of the Labour party.  You know when you’re in a relationship and you keep trying to change your partner and make them someone there never really going to be?  That’s how I feel we have been towards Corbyn since he was elected.  We all want him to be this revolutionary leader but it’s just not going to happen.  We want him to be a man he is never going to be.    I agree with his politics and he is a breath fresh air in many ways but it’s time we all admitted he is not the leader we hoped for.  Not the underdog who would rise up and make the labour party a strong opposition again.  I mean look at the pickle he is in now.  His whole party hate him.  Imagine everyone at work hating you but still having to sit at your desk everyday like everything’s fine!  Got to admire him for that I guess.  I am sorry to say it but I have to agree with his party about his campaigning that it was ‘Lukewarm’. In fact, I would say lukewarm is an understatement. He did it with all the charism of a pile of vomit.  The most he did was wear a badge but who am I to criticize…everyone loves a badge… right?


We are then presented with alternative leaders.  Boris Johnson for Prime Minister. Yes, Boris might be prime minister, that sentence was hard to write so apologize to you for having to read it.  It is utterly terrifying and I cannot bear to fathom the idea.  The man is not a politician; he is at best a Z-List celebrity.  To anyone who finds him charismatic- gets out more!  There’s a difference between charisma and just attention seeking.  Note the difference people!


Moving swiftly on…


Then Farage has come out as this self-proclaimed hero and calling last Friday, ‘Our Independence Day’ which quite frankly is offensive to countries that truly know the meaning of independence (usually from the UK).  But let’s it put it this way, there are countries he is very unlikely to visit or be welcomed into and rightly so.  Again I don’t see him a politician but a man who treats political arguments like a sock puppet show. He simplifies political agendas that are far more complex and people will lap it up because he makes it easy to understand.  He manipulates public fear and acts like one of lads to lull people in.  They are not questioning the intentions of the man which if I’m honest I’m not even sure what they are.  I think he is truly scared of leadership and never expected to get this far.  I would trust him with a box of matches let alone running a country.  That is no leader.


Competition for Boris however is good old Theresa May.   According today latest, The Conservatives are backing her simply because they don’t want Boris is. That it’s not ground to vote someone into a position of power and leader ship, the basis is she’s the lesser of two evils.  However, I do feel for Theresa because like so many at the moment I don’t think she really wants it either.  Happy to hang about in the background and secretly hope someone else volunteers before her so she doesn’t have to make a decision.  However, that goes for all of the Tory party, no one really in the heart of hearts wants to be the one who pushes the button on all of this because they know they will lose half the country votes essentially. It’s like they are passing around a hot stone and no one is manning up, holding it, squeezing it, then eating it and doing what needs to be done with confidence and in the best way possible!  There is no other alternative now but to press on!   Who wants to really get these negotiations under way?  Cameron doesn’t want too and is giving it legs and his party seems very reluctant to step up and do what sadly has to be done.  Hang on…. as I write this…. the clouds part…. a bright light shines and out comes Nicola Sturgeon naked riding a white horse like Lady Godiva, here to save us all!!!!    A turn of events in last few days, and a beacon of hope, was Nicola Sturgeon stating she was prepared to block the Brexit and she would ask, ‘MSPs to refuse to give their “legislative consent”’.


What great news!  Now Sturgeon has more leadership than those so far in that she has stirred the souls of the Scottish people and now has said what we call hoped and wanted to hear.   She’s our hero!  Wait. Hang on.   Is this actually possible?  To overturn a referendum? Not exactly.  Experts have stated the Edinburgh Parliament does not have the power to block this.  Well that was fun for a moment.  So we are still trying to drive through fog headlights or leader to guide us.    I also suspect as much I love and want to continue to see a strong intelligent female politician in power she might be doing it just to win public favour, get more votes and be some sort of nation’s sweetheart.  I know-call me a cynical Susan but maybe she was just saying what we all wanted to hear so we like her more. Will she ditch us and just get Scotland into bed with the EU?  Or maybe her eye is on the prize and she’s angling to be prime minister too?


Only time will tell but I am not so keen as to continue living in such uncertainty.  So I think I have found the positive in this.  The referendum has incited mass public interest in our political system and how the actions of our government directly affect us and we are a big part of their decision making. Literally!  We just made the decision to leave, not them!   We were given a responsibility and yet did not educate ourselves enough to make a sensible well balanced choice.  We can’t blame the government entirely for this one.    Jeremy Hardy put it better than me on The News Quiz a few weeks ago that we complain we don’t ‘know’ enough about it, we don’t understand political system and the issues being raised.  Then go and find out about it!   Knowledge is power. Social media has been awash, petitions drawn up and protests organized because people feel so strongly.  We are now finally learning about the system that is shaping our futures and we had to learn this the hard way.  It may be a little too late for our place in the EU but this passion bodes well for the future.  It has pushed the younger generation to get active about politics and question what is presented to them.  You must let this fire keep burning and go out and learn about these things don’t rely on it to simply come to you.


Especially now more than ever when a new leader is on the horizon about to get this country through one of its most challenging transition. I therefore implore you to attain this knowledge to use it to look past the spin, the PR and scare tactics and make informed, educated decisions yourselves and question those in charge.  We are now beginning to do this but sadly we are a little too late to the party last Friday, so let’s not let history repeat itself and try prevent greater destruction.   That is my positive spin.  It may not be funny but it’s better than the alternative.   The drive to learn, care more and not be apathetic.  As my Mum always said, Prevention is better than Cure.


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