The Evil within the Evil.

I’m not going to speak about the actual terror attack in Manchester on Monday as I’m in no position to add anything. We live in a complicated world, it’s such a shame that pain and suffering is so simple.

What I want to talk about are 3 things that happened around the attack adding another layer of evil.

First thing is not shocking because sadly we’ve grown to expect it but some American with a blue tick on Twitter made a ‘joke’ about the situation. Maybe I should be shocked?  But time and time again you see people thinking that being first with a joke is more important than respecting people still living a horrific event. His ‘joke’ went the same as most he got abuse, defended his freedom of speech, he got more abuse and threats and then he deleted it. The only reason I mention him is also on his timeline was a post (below) celebrating Armed Forces day,  It shows he like many others just react on Twitter to get attention, he got some.

Then it got worse, maybe I’m naive but I saw someone share a picture of a missing child. Being local to the attack my first instinct was to share the picture, but before I could re-tweet  it something did not feel right. I looked through the comments, most people were sending love and support until someone pointed out that the picture of the child was from a clothes catalogue. Someone had download a photo from the internet and was claiming it was their missing brother. Even now I can’t get my head around that, is it for attention? In this new world of social media are we creating these people? I think the last time I looked it had 13,000 re-tweets, every one of those people were watching in horror at what was going on and were in some way trying to help. The account has since been blocked by Twitter. I assume like me you are thinking unbelievable? I kept looking and found three others. One person that had taken a picture that a mum had posted of her daughter safe (It occurs to me now I didn’t check to see if that was true) and  he/she re-posted it loads of times abusing the girls looks and weight. I don’t believe in hell but I wish I did just so I knew where these people would end up.


So they are the ones that do it for a hobby, let me get on to the paid ones.

I hate to waste screen ink on these two people but I have to to mention them.

‘Islamophobe of the year’ runner up 2015 and former Leader of the EDL reject Stephen Yaxley (pseudonym Tommy Robinson) was so horrified by the attack he re-tweeted the breaking news and then wrote a tweet about Holly Willoughby, then in a fit of rage about what was happening and while parents tried to find terrified children, he tweeted a picture of his book. Followed by many attention seeking tweets including a fake photo of the attack.

Then on Tuesday morning as the world woke up to the news, we all knew what was coming. One woman heard the news and was, happy is not the right term but you know she was thinking of her first shitty tweet before she finished the news headline. She would not share people’s pain or anger. She would quickly tweet controversial things to gain more notoriety. By 12.52pm she was already joking and making herself a victim (see picture below).

It’s also worth noting on the 21st May she tweeted 15 times, 22nd 19 times and the day after (23rd) the attack she tweeted 74 times, why so many? Each raises her own stock value and in turn makes her money (and money for The Daily Mail and LBC radio) Don’t believe me? 26 of her tweets on 24th were about herself, videos of her on news channels, pictures of her advertising news channels and Daily Mail articles. 

What these two don’t realise (or do and don’t care) they are the best PR for the terrorists. Isis don’t care if we are scared they want us angry, they want to show Muslims can’t live in Western society. It plays into their hands to spread lies about innocent Muslims and build up hate. They profit from spreading the hate and The Daily Mail, LBC radio, and others are paying them to do it.

Katie Hopkins is a flower, her tweets and for profit opinions are pollen and your anger is the bee, re-tweeting and spreading the pollen around the world.  Don’t be the bee that spreads hate. 

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