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I see that the division released by the vote is starting to play out in the real world with people taking different stances depending on how they voted. I

don’t know if I much to add but will at least say this.


This is not over

the situation is already starting to unravel and I realise that many on the leave want you to just accept this decision.

Do not

The funny thing about democracy is that people’s minds can be changed for the better. I disagreed with this vote to start with but now I think this may work out for the best.


Do not be Embarrassed, to be British


I was abused a few weeks ago when I guy I told I was voting in. He kept alluding to the something about him paying tax for me. He even renamed me Mohammed at some point in the conversation and refused to listen to a word I had to say. In fact, when speaking to people and asking them about facts. I only met one person with a half decent excuse to leave the EU. Wrapping Bullshit up in the flag and going I want my country back may work in movies.. this, however, is the real world. The Immigrant thing was a red hearing and I am actually proud so many British people turned out and voted to remain. It also means that we have to work harder to convince people that being part of Europe is not a bad idea.


They think it all over it’s not

The situation is already starting to unravel and I am not talking about the £ dropping like a brick

a) EU referendum result: Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness calls for border poll on united Ireland after Brexit.

b) EU Referendum: Leave Cornwall Demands Government Replaces EU Millions

C) Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon says second Scottish independence vote ‘highly likely

d) EU leaders call for UK to leave as soon as possible

Lets see how far this rolls out before the UK is no more.


Be Angry

Do not feel bad about being angry, you deserve to be angry. This lacklustre campaign was lazy and badly thought out. It should not have just been about remaining and having the same but also about making Europe better-fulfilling hope and dreams. The moment the leave campaign was able to wrap itself up in the flag it was a losing battle. As much as I did not dislike Corbyn before I think he performed appallingly and did the real damage to the labour party by not showing any real passion. He turned up alright but did bring much with him. When Leave voters say accept this and move on DO NOT! Did they accept anything and move on no even on the day they started spreading rumours that  pencils were being used so voters choices could be changed. They refused to see the benefits of immigrants to the UK in spite of the FACTS. Even though nearly every world leader said stay they ignored it. They can’t complete a sentence about Europe without saying immigrants. They lied made racism acceptable and agreed with Donald Trump.


Why should I accept, that racism and ignorance won last night? How can I be pleased that stupidity was allowed to run free and use patriotism as a shield? Why is it that the old generation uses this as an attempt to take something that does not belong to them. The future. No, I won’t stand by and let this just roll on like having a hard time does not matter. This is my country too.

Moving Forward

now this has happened there are going to be some interesting times ahead. Let’s see if the promise of making the UK the greatest trading nation in the world is possible. Let’s see if I can go back and do a degree in History to improve education standards as a teacher. Ideally, London could become a Euro Friendly Zone it would be great if we  could reap the benefits the rest of the country does not want. I will have a lot more to say as we move forward I have not given up I am angry and I will not just accept this act of utter stupidity as sacred or unchallengeable. That the funny thing about democracy what one vote does another one can undo….one day.




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