Do you deserve to live?

Imagine this…

You are walking down the street, it gently starts to rain and you start thinking about the four umbrellas that sit by your front door gathering dust. Suddenly you feel a little unwell, you collapse, the last face you see before you black out is a concerned passerby. You wake up, your nose full of that hospital smell. A nurse stands nearby but you try to work out what’s going on before you confirm you’re awake. Finally, you try to talk but your dehydrated throat does not respond.

A doctor stands over you waiting to speak, she does not smile. “I’m sorry to tell you your kidneys gave up. You are going to die”

Pause the scenario. Imagine hearing those words “You are going to die”.


“Is there nothing you can do doctor?”

“Well a kidney transplant is an option and it would mean that you live, but you don’t have a donor card”

“What? No, but the donor card is to give organs I need one?”

The doctor who has looked sad and serious the whole time, accidentally lets out a little laugh.

“Why would you expect to take if you are not willing to give?”

“But that’s not fair doctor, you can save me but are choosing not to”

“Yes, you made that decision daily. You wake up every morning and decide If I die today I will not save anybody else. Only now in your hour of need do you change that.”

This is fiction of course. In reality if the transplant is available he’d receive it because doctors are nicer than writers.


FACT – 3 people die everyday waiting for an organ in the UK.

More donors = More lives saved.

FACT – 7500 people in the UK are waiting for an organ transplant.

Don’t wait until its you.

FACT – 96% of people in the UK believe in organ donation but only 30% actually register.

How many people die because 66% think “Oh I always meant to do that”


It takes two minutes to register…

(If you are not in England look here )


Is anything more important than registering to save lives? ACTUALLY YES.

You need to have the conversation with your family and tell them you want to donate. Obviously if they’re ever called upon to make this decision they will be upset (unless you’re a horrible person) you need to make it easier for them. The British don’t like to talk about death but this is not death, this is life. Tell people that if you die you want to be a hero and save lives. Ask if they would like to be a hero.

If the conversation is awkward, just share this blog with them.

Register today, tell your family that you have done it, live your life.

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