Disorderly Conduct with CJ Rock live @lazyfoxfulham 29/03/2015

The one with all the information on it
The one with all the information on it

The worlds events big and small are discussed and debated in the heart of Fulham. Politics, Religion and everything else that makes the world go round.

Join us as we debate the issues and see if we can save the world.

With the Approach of the Election lets find our what matters to you!

On this week show we will be discussing the weeks events;


Revealed: Putin’s army of pro-Kremlin bloggers

Election 2015: The debate, The NHS and has Katie Hopkins just won it for Labour

Is Charity the way to save the World?

Students Sex Works – an Education costs how much!

Facebook to test 747-sized drones that will beam broadband to the entire world

The Clarkson Saga

Labour mugged

Entertainment Round up


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