Diary of an elimination diet

Personally, I am not a fan of  diets’ for weight-loss purposes, as I do not believe they work long-term due to having an expiry date. When they expire, the progress closely follows as without  long-term continuous changes to your lifestyle, the weight creeps back on.

However, if you suspect a food intolerance an elimination diet is your only sure way to finding out what is causing you to have symptoms.

I have had an intolerance to something in my diet since I can remember. My mother bought me a PE skirt in year 11 and had to return it for the size up because after I ate lunch my stomach expanded and it did not fit me anymore. Of course, I had PE after lunch at school.  We tried to figure it out but never managed to pin point the ‘food’ causing it. It was never a huge issue, I ate, my belly extended, it was a little uncomfortable. However, recently, the symptoms have become worse, painful and I could extend up to as much as two dress sizes.

I decided to remove everything from my diet that I believed could be the cause and any other main known allergen. This included, dairy, starch, soy, gluten, nuts, legumes, fruit and coffee. Basically, leaving me meat protein and non-starchy vegetables.  The idea is to remove the items for 21 days and then reintroduce them one at a time to see the effect on the body. It is suggested to keep a diary to note changes in the body and any changes to your body that is noticed from your diet.


I in no way did this for weight-loss and it is not advisable as a diet plan for such. This is a short-term plan to determine food intolerance.

Here is a sample of my dairy


Weight: 87.5kg

Waist 42.9cm

Feeling bloated, my belly is hard and extended. My skin has been itchy all evening and I have a slight headache.

Going shopping for vegetables.

Still consuming a small amount of caffeine as I do not want caffeine withdrawals on top of this.

Still have bad flatulence.

I am hungry, I need more protein, wish I still ate meat. I hope after this diet I can still have my whey protein.

I have read the first three days are the hardest of all, I just need to get through them.

Itchy skin has started again but not as bad as yesterday.

I am tried.

Had a nap.

Going to bed at 10.30pm.


Day 2

Weight 85.9kg

Waist 42cm

Had no sleep all night.

Belly feels extended and is painfully swollen with lots of wind.

Bad skin (spots!)

Still super itchy.

I am going to by fish today, I need the protein.

Headache is still here a little bit.

OMG salmon has never tasted so good!

Had another 100g of salmon and it did not taste as good.

Had a few hours nap and my belly is less bloated witch is nice but I’m so tired.

I am unsure I can do this ☹

I feel sick. I just want some fruit or nuts… anything other than vegetables and salmon.

Going to have my one coffee. I used to drink up to seven a day. I miss my coffee.

All I want is a banana.

I might add fruit back in, if it is a carbohydrate indolence, I think it is starch and not sugar.

I’m not going to be successful on this diet.

Okay, I must add nuts back in, I’m so hungry.

Going to eat almonds now!


Still have lots of flatulence. Seriously if I was not single, I would be now, farting and hangry.

Bed at 11.15pm.


Day 3

Weight 84.9kg

Waist 41cm

Managed to get around 10 hours sleep and I have much more energy now.

Still feel a little bloated but less wind.

I had to eat chicken, couldn’t stomach anymore fish and after doing a crossfit class I was so hungry.

I feel a bit sick after eating the chicken but I feel full for the first time in three days.

Itching started at 7.45pm not bad, better than before.

I had my first real craving for diet coke which I had not had in over two years.

I hate I ate the chicken. Watching a programme on being vegan on Netflix has not helped the situation.

I am sure I’ll go vegan after this. I’d only miss cheese and I have not really minded not having it.

Just throw up. I couldn’t take the idea of the skin and flesh I just ate. I feel horrible and need to get this taste of meat out of my mouth.


I am changing this diet. This is not doable. I am going to do one that slowly removes items and reintroduces them. It will take longer but I can handle that.


Weight 84.3

Waist: 40cm

FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. Hardly bloated at all or have a farty butt.

I am so happy I can eat fruit again.

I love fruit.

OMG I just noticed the flatulence has gone!


Day 5

Weight 84.9 kg

Waist 39.5 cm

NO GAS! This is amazing!

I feel a little discomfort and pain in my belly but no gas!

Been tried today but I did get in late.

Just had chickpeas… Not feeling great.



Weight 87.5kg

Waist 42cm

Chickpeas are evil! My belly hates them!

I feel bloated and gassy and my belly is extended.

It continues along the same lines. As you can see it is not a fun process but overall worthwhile.


I have realised I have an intolerance for chickpeas, dried peas, whole wheat and a slightly with gluten.

I’m still looking at triggers but this has made a huge difference in my life.

I am also now vegan!

If you have issues with digestion, speak to your GP or a nutritionist to determine an elimination diet that works for you.

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