Dear White People… get a grip!

There is a lot of noise over the new Netflix show – ‘Dear White People’.  It seems white people do not like to be politely addressed? I admit I’m being facetious. However, so is the show, it is not an attack on white people but a satirical overview on racism and decimation of all ethnic experiences.

To me it views like a western world telenovela dealing with the issues that do exist within white privilege areas and institutions.

I cannot be the only person who has noticed that since Trump and Brexit, racism has almost become accepted. Bigots are crawling out of the woodwork with their, ‘I am not racist but the Poles are stealing all the jobs’ –  bullshit.

We need a show like this and if you think ‘It’s racist, I’m not watching it’, you will likely most benefit from it. Therefore, do not make comments on social media calling the show racist unless you are willing to watch it and comment on the content and not the tile.

So, dear white people, watch the damn show before you get offended… kindly from a white person.

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I'm a stage & screen writer who has become a fitness enthusiast on a lifestyle change. I fell in love with nutrition during this journey which has lead me to study Human Nutrition at university from September 2016. I am also a trained actress.

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