The cost of Christmas-yes, its August!

Did you know that you can book your visit to see Santa Clause in January?
Well, you can, and it’s not cheap. In fact, I have a trip booked for this coming December that has cost me nearly £200. What is promised is an all singing, all dancing, 4 hour interactive experience.
It had certainly better be.
Everybody who knows me knows, that I live, sleep, eat and breathe Christmas and the whole December experience. I blame my Dad. He started it. It was always a big deal for him, and he went all out. In every way. Not just the presents… the food, the decorations and the get together with the family on Boxing Day. It was all over the top, and we loved it. We still do. My sister is almost as bad as me.
She isn’t my partner in crime all year round. Although she does join in. The most treasured title of Christmas Partner In Crime, goes to a member of my Mummy Tribe. The tribe is important, as any parent will know, as various members play different roles in keeping you sane. This lady gets me completely when it comes to Christmas. She is just as bad.
It may be because we also have to contend with offspring having Birthdays in December, but, we literally talk about it all year round. We shop for it, plan for it, talk about it. And it does keep us up at night.
One of the things that is a regular topic of discussion, is how the toy companies, television shows, and general gimmick makers, literally do see us parents coming.
My friend wanted to buy her Daughter a doll for this up coming December. The retail price is £50. When she told me, I literally choked on my wine. Yes. Wine. It’s part of the culture. We don’t need it. Well, I don’t, but it does help of an evening when you have wanted to brain the apple of your eye all day long. I am very proud of her though. She shopped around and got the Doll on another site, and did not pay through the nose.
And then I thought about the recent trip I had taken into a rather famous branded toy shop. I was looking for some ideas, yes, for Christmas. And no, I don’t care that it’s not December. I have a schedule, and I am sticking to it. Wrapping starts in September. Anyway, there is a new show, about Planes that deliver packages, and I thought, as I have outlawed the Pig (she is not to be mentioned in my hearing) that I would indulge my darling son in purchasing a couple of these planes. So with budget in mind, I looked, and my jaw landed firmly on the floor. I had the money for them, but I am sorry, unless this toy was all singing, all dancing and had LED lights made out of crystal elements, I was not paying it. I love him, but I’m not that stupid.
I know lots of parents who are though. Getting into debt yearly to go bigger and better than the year before. It makes me wonder if this is the reason why we have a nation of ungrateful and self entitled children and teenagers, who become adults of the same mind set.
The commercialism, over indulgence and ‘need to do better than the folks next door’ kind of parents really have taken away the spirit of Christmas. And the shops, who are already selling Christmas cards, enable them (and me).

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