The BRIT Awards 2017

This week saw the 37th BRIT Awards ceremony take place at The O2. David Bowie & Rag ‘n’ Bone Man won the most awards, but as these things go, it can seem like the winners get somewhat overshadowed by everything else that’s going on, and this year’s edition seemed rather eventful. But more of that later…

No matter how much advanced planning goes into the BRIT Awards ceremonies, some things inevitably end up going a bit pear-shaped on the night. Over the years, some of the highlights have included presenters Samantha Fox & Mick Fleetwood providing an epic train-crash featuring awkward silences, missed cues & the wrong pop-stars turning up onstage in 1989, The KLF firing machine gun blanks into the crowd in 1992, Jarvis Cocker interrupting Michael Jackson’s performance with his infamous bum-wiggling protest in 1996 & Madonna taking a big tumble in 2015. This year we had one of Katy Perry’s backing dancers falling off the stage, whilst dressed as a house… Perry’s performance also featured Theresa May & Donald Trump portrayed as eerie giant skeletal puppets.

Meanwhile, the surviving members of Wham! paid an emotional tribute to George Michael, Robbie Williams received the prestigious BRITS Icon Award but didn’t play any of his hits & Little Mix took about four years to get up onstage because they couldn’t believe they’d actually won best single (neither could I).

As a former student at the BRIT School, I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony twice, first in 2008 and then again in 2009. The first time was more memorable than the second. In 2009, all we got was Girls Aloud dressed in some pink feathers. But in 2008 we got The Osbournes hosting, Paul McCartney receiving the lifetime achievement award, Vic Reeves seeming to forget which award he was presenting & Sharon Osbourne ending up doing the announcement herself (she thought he was drunk, but it turned out he wasn’t, he just couldn’t read the autocue). Then, the Arctic Monkeys launched into a rude tirade about the BRIT School which got pulled from the television broadcast. Curiously, I’ve met people who remember that incident… people who weren’t even there…

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