BREXIT – You Losers.


So which one are you? The naive liberal that voted to stay and won’t stop moaning that you lost? Or the racist ‘I only eat British Beef’ Nazi that voted to leave the EU? Maybe you are the person who doesn’t deserve to comment because he/she couldn’t be bothered to vote? Which loser are you?

The vote was supposed to put an end to the arguments whipped up by politicians and our media but (anti)social media is still awash with arguments about how people voted and why they’re wrong. Two of my family members even managed to have an online argument despite having voted the same way. The problem is that sixteen million people feel they lost, seventeen million feel that they won and thirteen million didn’t feel included enough to vote. Here is the truth, some of the people that voted ‘out’ were racist, some of the people that voted in were ‘naive’ and some of the non voters ‘couldn’t be bothered’ but overall most voters just believed that what they voted for was for the best. We could look at it like this, thirty three million people wanted to help and were thinking about the future of Britain, for better for worse thirty three million people made an uneducated guess at what they thought was best for the country.

“Who you calling uneducated?”

You. Do you know why Theresa May and our political parties are struggling to deal with the idea of leaving? Because despite all the think tanks, money, history, lawyers and experts to help them and they don’t know. It’s a complicated issue, how in the name of whatever thing you believe in was the woman or man in the street supposed to decide? We had buses with slogans, soundbites from self involved politicians who were playing winner stays on. It has only been since the vote and the yelling has died down that personally I have understood some of the issues. The truth is we were given a yes or no vote to a question that did not have a yes or no answer and rather than have an educated debate facts and information was thrown in the air and we were supposed to flap around like the final stages of the Crystal Maze (if that reference is too old for you it will be back on TV soon). So misery misery misery? No.

What we need is a vote amnesty. STOP ASKING HOW PEOPLE VOTED and look at what people’s needs, wants and fears are. I say again thirty three million people voted on what they thought was best for the country, meaning that seventy something percent of the country want to help, but if you fight among yourselves deal in headlines and not facts. Look at the unattainable rather than what we can do to help, we lose. How do we win?

We agree to disagree, we forget the voting and we look at what we can do. We are thirty three million people. We decide who is elected. We decide, how we talk to people in person and online. We decide, what we read and watch. We decide, that this is now too many decisions. (Technically I decided, but in your head you must have as well)

This is a dramatic conclusion but it (sort of) makes my point. Remember that 2016 was one of

the worst years ever (according to Twitter) in Colombia they were getting over the deaths of celebrities by ending a civil war that had lasted over five decades. One of the reasons for this was the ‘Mothers of the Plaza del Mayo’ the mothers of children that were dying that instead of giving up stood up and made their voices heard and once some heard there voice others joined and (although i’m sure other factors helped) in 2016 a peace agreement was signed. For this to happen they had to forgive people that had done horrific things and were probably the ones that killed their loved ones.

A few hundred women forgave murderers and ended a 50 year war. Imagine what 33 million could do if they could forgive how the other voted.

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