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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice the follow up to 2013 hit Man of Steel (yes it was a hit) was released to a barrage of rage.

I watched this the night it was released in the UK. I was not overly excited as I was not a huge fan of Man of Steel. I enjoyed Man of Steel a lot especially the first 40 minutes but have to say the last 40 minutes were a bit of a blur on par with most of the action in the transformers films.

This is not a review as such. If you do or do not go to see this film I doubt it will have anything to do with what I think or write. These are just a few thoughts I had about the movie. Directed by Zack Snyder, he brings the same style used in Man of Steel to this. It looks fantastic and spectacular; it reminded me a lot of the old biblical films. It opens where the earlier films main plot line ends and attempts to do what few other films do well. From a street level perspective, it shows you how much damage Superman’s battle with Zod did to the city of Metropolis. It also uses the opportunity to introduce Bruce Wayne into the mix. From this point on it turns into a series of set ups.

All the things a lot of people have said they do not like I liked about the film. The dream sequences, the nerd-like nature of Clark Kent compared to the hard-drinking womanizing of Bruce Wayne. I do think that Henry Cavell needed to move on from the Alien coldness of Man of Steel and I’m sorry… if I saw Amy Adams in my bath when I got home from work there would be no attempt to engage in conversation. That would just be a great day.

This Batman is so different from the recent outings, that it might have jarred the audiences view of Batman. The policy toward criminals is clear from the start and for some reason being stamped with a bat symbol means death in prison…. I still don’t get that. In spite of this, it’s a great Batman. Ben Affleck does a great job and chews up the scenery. Henry Cavill is…… so moving on… like I said this is not a review.  The film is OK; it moves along and has some great set pieces. The problem and the reason for the dislike by many are I believe as follows:

It has too much and gives too little. This is a lead up to the justice league film but I could count at least 3 separate major storylines taken from great comic book stories. Off the top of my head:Dark Knight Returns, Death of Superman and Justice League Origin. All of these stories have been stuffed into this film with a hammer. Separately they are great stories. Placed into this film in the way they have has only opened it to the ire of Twitter fans, who usually hate everything if it’s not made the way they like it. The issue I have with this is that The Dark Knight Returns is a fantastic story and I can’t think of anyone better than Snyder to make it. However, he shoves it into this film and takes a lot away from that work. It looks like the production team was trying to get every great moment from the comics books into this. I even noticed scenes from the computer games and Injustice Gods among us.

It just had too much in it,  and effectively leads to it being a disappointment. I acknowledge that Zack Snyder has an eye for the dramatic and I am left with no doubt that he loves comic books and is willing to take a risk with characters and stories unlike many of the fans on Twitter and Facebook. At one moment it also feels like characters are apologizing for events from the earlier film. The reference mentioning evacuations and areas being cleared seemed to save all the poor fans from worrying about civilians.

Looking forward to Wonder Women and Justice. All I ask is that DC/Warner and Zack Snyder starts giving female Character better dialogue. It really did a  bad job of it. If you are old enough to remember Lois Lane in the original Reeve films she was an ace reporter at the daily planet. She would have kicked Lex Luther’s ass all the way into the next Justice League film. I would also add that the score is like being beaten over the head with a metal bar at times. It’s so jarring and it takes you away from the film. If you have seen the film then please let me know what you think below. I will go and watch it again to see if it was just tiredness but it does leave me with a hope that things can only go up, up and away from here(Yes I went and did that).

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