Basking in the privilege!

Oh how I love being Privileged! (Long live the NHS)
I keep hearing the word privilege, and right now I am going to stand here and bask appreciatively in mine. Why? Because I am British and therefore entitled to free healthcare. 
And I am going to hang my head, because, this privilege isn’t available to everyone in the world. And it should be. 
Recently I have had a cancer scare. I found a lump in my breast. So I picked up the phone, and I had an appointment with a Doctor within two days. In fact, I had been offered an appointment that day. As it was considered an emergency. Yes. I could have seen a Doctor that day. No horrendously long wait. I saw the Doctor on the Wednesday morning, and by Friday, just two days later, I had an appointment for the hospital.
The Breast Care Centre were professional and friendly. Put me at ease while they thoroughly examined and scanned me. I got the all clear. Due to the family history, I’m being put forward for genetic testing. The form was with me within two weeks.
And it didn’t cost me a penny. Other than my bus fare to get there.
Yes that’s right. It cost me nothing. The same for the cervical smear test I have booked in, and for my son’s eye and dental care.
This is a luxury that we can all take advantage of in the UK, and even the cost of medicines isn’t high. The current prescription charge is just £8.60 per item, and some items, such as contraceptives and medicine for those who do not work, or are aged under sixteen, or pensioners, are feee of charge.
This service is one that so many of my friends in other countries do not have, and due to hearing about them having to go without medicines that they need, or struggling with the costs of insurance, I have learned not to take for granted. The so called President of the United States took to Twitter again in March, to condemn the NHS, and pointed out that we were marching against it. His stupidity is astounding as what we want for the NHS is more funds, so that the kinks in the system can be ironed out. We were promised it should the farce that is Brexit come into fruition. Like most promises from the mouths of politicians, this was propaganda to get the public on board their idiotic idea. The funds, which were promised, should now be put into the system that were promised them.
I do not understand why the basic concept of a healthier country of citizens, is more likely to be a more productive country of citizens is hard to comprehend, and how, those who pass the policies that make basic health care difficult to obtain, can sleep at night. It’s a basic, fundamental human right.
Do not get me wrong, the NHS does have its low points, but, with proper funding, which would lead to higher staffing levels, a lot of these issues could be addressed and no longer be a problem. Even I can understand that one. It isn’t rocket science.
Medicine, and health care should be available to all. No matter which country you come from. In your own country, without leaving you bankrupt.

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