Ever take a look around and wonder about the state of our world? Well excuse me while I avert my eyes. It clearly takes too much effort to get involved. Not only is badly researched dialogue followed by angry name-calling the latest trend so you can’t even express an opinion without being unfriended on Facebook but we have begun taking ourselves so seriously that to acknowledge a biological difference in sex organs is becoming, in some circles, taboo. These days when I start reading pretty much any news story it’s looking more and more like the world is coming to an end.

I’m talking actual Armageddon.

I’m not even going to go into the environment but if you haven’t seen the videos about the plastic content of our oceans, the severe lack of healthy rain-forests we have left and the devastating effects of animal agriculture on the planet then, hey, you’re even more asleep than me.

More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year.

I’m telling you. Armageddon.

Let’s look at British politics, setting an excellent example of ‘doing the right thing’ also known as ‘running away’ is Michael Fallon who recently resigned from his post as Defence Secretary for possibly the most shambolic Conservative government in history either because he’s afraid of what some journalist has on him or as a stooge to try and make Theresa May look better. Then there’s Priti Patel who also resigned in the same week over a protocol scandal involving Israel (uh oh) and another one of their illegal settlements. I mean the fact that Boris Johnson even has a place in the cabinet is an embarrassment in itself and it doesn’t look like that £350 million quid we are apparently saving from Brexit is making its way to the NHS any time soon.

In an attempt to make myself feel better about the general impending doom I have been paying more attention to the Americas since Brexit and Tory-file are so utterly humiliating. Judging by my news feed I am not the only one. Unfortunately casting the proverbial net further field only makes Armageddon seem closer, more real and dare I say it attractive.

Brace yourselves.

An opioid ‘epidemic’ is sweeping the States. This has largely been created by the Insurance companies, yes that’s the people Americans have to pay in order to not have to pay for healthcare, who dictate what level of treatment or drug you can receive depending on how much you pay them. They encouraged the use of cheaper manufactured opiates (that is essentially what an opioid is) so they could make more money from the sick people in need of care which has basically aided in a shit ton of folk becoming intravenous drug users. So now in one County fire trucks carry Naloxone a drug designed to restart the heart after an overdose as depicted in Netflix Original documentary Heroin(e) because, that’s right, overdoses are THAT common.

If Americans don’t OD the likelihood of them being killed is ever increasing either by being mowed off the road in New York (that left eight dead) or shot in a church in Texas (twenty six dead) and don’t think attending a Music Festival in Las Vegas is any safer (59 dead 527 injured). Also it’s important for Americans and the world to remember that if the aggressor was brown the incident is obviously terrorism and if the aggressor was white it’s definitely a mental health crisis. It is also not appropriate to talk about it until a certain amount of time has gone by, mainly so the powers that be can have a pantomime style conflab. Don’t get it twisted there’s no white privilege to see here. And we definitely do not under ANY circumstances want to talk about gun control.


As more gory details unfurl about one of Hollywood’s biggest producers, yes our mate Harvey, not only offending, assaulting and bribing women we now know that he had spies out explaining why so many of them didn’t (or couldn’t) say anything. Gulp. Kevin Spacey is the latest in a long line of stars to have his toys taken away from him on the basis that he’s been sexually intimidating young men for years; judged much more harshly than the elected President I hasten to add.

Anyone hear about Tay K? The 15 year old American boy, whose mother was a ‘crip’ one of America’s most notorious street gangs? Well he shot two people in two weeks, made a song about it, released the video which then went viral reaching 44 in The US Billboard Hot 100 as the young teenager was carted off to jail.

Lest we forget that the actual President is making threats to North Korea via The United Nations.

Batten down the hatches people it’s coming!

I mean yes I do feel vaguely better about the state of my own nation but if this isn’t what Armageddon looks like then I don’t want to see real thing. And if that’s not enough to convince you look at the rest of the world.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are going to make friends so they can gun the shit out of Iran. Apparently Daesh are nearly defeated but never mind the millions of refugees stranded all over Europe that nobody wants to house or the fact that Syria is literally left a bomb site.

Yes this is what Syria looks like now.

A mass child rape case opens in the Congo as a woman previously kidnapped by Boko Haram is abandoned in hospital with shrapnel left in her body that nobody wants to pay for. Half the world turned up in Australia to try and stop them voting for same sex marriage and surprise surprise another Cardinal from the Catholic Church is up on child abuse claims that let’s face it the Vatican will probably fight AGAIN what with them being the biggest financial power on earth.

Kill me now.

The most frightening part is that this absurdity has become completely normal. I am not surprised in the slightest that America has elected a pussy grabbing reality TV star to be their leader. It’s no shock that Brexit is going to cost us the earth and probably won’t be worth it for ANYONE. The bumbling Conservatives are in crisis as their elected leader trots off to dinner with the most right wing newspaper editor in all of the land and basically nobody cares. I accept that the Catholic Church is full of kiddy fiddlers and that the richer you are the less morals or laws apply to you and I just get on with my life.

We would all much rather sit in our centrally heated shared houses watching Stranger Things 2 eating Jaffa cakes than confront the issue. Christ, even script writers romanticise about the eighties instead of finding a way to hold the human race accountable for this complex and insane modern world.

It’s such a glob of obvious fucked-up-ness that truly feels like there is no way out. I mean it’s so uncool to try to make the world a better place right? Even when ground breaking journalists come out with phenomenal pieces of work that crack open secret cases of corruption and greed it doesn’t really change anything. It will often get hijacked by some politician or novelist selling something to the gullible nation. Nobody wants to face the real problem let alone talk about it. Nobody wants to do the right thing. Nobody wants to change. They’d much rather pout into their snaps and laugh at the latest coloured flower you can stick on your face.

Seriously. Armageddon.






Janna Fox is an actress, writer, yogi, aerialist in training and creator of many things. She started blogging for The New Establishment in February 2017 and her pieces are published every other Wednesday. Janna also contributes to sex blog Hitting the Spot. For more information please visit

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