An Interview Of The Absurd!

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This interview is a special one.

It was interview that almost did not happen. Well it happened, but during the editing process things went wrong.

I could only hear my voice, do not get me wrong I’m starting to like my own voice but I really intended this to be an interview. Due to the magic of technology I managed to make the interviewees heard


So let me introduce Joe Allan (Director) and Nicki Martin-Harper (Designer) From the Closing the Gap Theatre. This is a short but exciting interview about the current CTPT production.  An Evening Of The Absurd:Are We All Still Waiting For Godot?

the venue;

Camden People’s Theatre website


Book Tickets Here

Watch the trailer here


Closing The Gap Theatre, Facebook and Twitter Accounts


After the interview the evening did become a time of legend! I had a really good time with a bunch of people….. most of it recorded I shall explain more later but in the meantime please enjoy the show!


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