American’s version of Brexit but they are PROPER fucked!

American’s version of Brexit but they are PROPER fucked.

I know! I’ve been away being funny and occasionally drunk,  all up and down the country spreading my funny but seriously, I turn my back for a few weeks and America breaks!

It’s just like last time!   When I went to Italy and I said- ‘Don’t break the EU!’ and you ruddy did!  Well once again I turn my back  and America has fucked itself!  Well it’s different to Brexit because it’s America’s electorate wot did it not ours, but let’s get one thing straight- if you think this won’t affect us across the pond then you’re bloody naive!  In many ways it will but let’s put it this way-May hasn’t been putting off Brexit because she needs to sort out her kitchen cupboards first. She’s been, to be fair, putting it off for many reason but the most important one being: she wanted to check who she might be getting into bed with when its comes to our trade agreements.  I don’t like May but she doesn’t deserve to have to get cosy with Trump.  I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy especially considering the Mr Tickle that he is.  Or maybe getting into bed with a man who is the definition of everything wrong and frightening with the far right is what gets her going!  We will lose trade agreements when we leave the EU and so who will be make trade agreements with?  Oh yes, that special relationship!  One way or another the UK will get a little bit fucked in all this.  

By the way just because I’m a comedian doesn’t mean I am enjoying the Trump jokes. And looking forward to more.   I joined in on the Trump banter. Because now it’s not funny anymore.  The joking and piss taking has backfired horribly.  The joke’s on us!

Now I’ve calmed down, had some brekkie and a cup of tea and now i just feel hurt.  On a personal level, as a disabled woman who is of the millennial generation, and that’s what Trump’s campaign seems very anti, this hurts.  I have grasped how it will affect us in the UK in terms of financial and future trade deals etc which is very concerning but it hurts, quite simply because America has enabled  racism, misogyny, lying and given it a position of power! .  What message does that send to anyone who is considered of a vulnerable group which he does not support nor give a fuck about?    Where does this leave us?  That is what’s hurting globally today.   

Yes I’m not an American citizen but there was opportunity here.  Opportunity to prove a man like Trump is not welcome and Obama’s legacy would live on AND the glass ceiling could be smashed wide open.  Not only did America not do that but the sick, sad truth of today’s result is that America’s has proved to be as backward thinking as ever.  The Obama’s administration was a false beacon of light. A  country whose history is rooted in racism had finally turned a corner, was all for nothing. He said all Mexicans are rapists!!!  #not okay. That all ended today.  They have not only turned back down that corner but gone hurtling light years away.   I mentioned glass ceiling that Hillary would have smashed wide open because ironically, tomorrow is National Equal Pay Day.  A day where women essentially stopped being that paid as men for the rest of the year  and we are walking out of work at 3.34pm to prove this is not ok anymore.  Then look what happens.   America can’t even put a woman in the white house when her opponent is a perverted, sexual assault accused, megalomaniac who has had  multiple bankruptcies, is racist, misogynistic and most importantly STUPID.  He once mocked a disabled reporter!  #stillnotokay. Gender shouldn’t matter but it did today.  It does when an electorate is willing to vote someone of such low moral standards, brainlessness and every phrase he utters (when its does make sense) is offensive and in my opinion that of a white supremacist, over a woman, thus proving they haven’t changed at all.  They are also willing to vote in a blatant racist after having had the first black president!  How does that shit not make you weep?!   

For the record I would not have minded if Hillary had lost to a male opponent, had he been a better candidate.  But not only did a woman lose out but she lost to a man who clearly has no respect or care for women or women’s rights let alone the plethora of revolting characteristics and lack of qualifications that engulf him. He once said he’d fuck his own daughter for christ sake!!!   #neveroktosay. You are to blame America.  Now you have the leader you wanted  Let the future of today’s result be on your shoulders.  You have not only accepted a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic free of political knowledge or workings  individual as your president but you will pay the consequences.   What perverted misjudged message have you sent out to the world?

Now I mentioned Brexit!  Why?  Bare with me on this.  Although one’s an election and the other a referendum they bear some very key similarities at which we can learn from.  Firstly, look at the polls as published by the NY Times.  Those voting Trump were generally white middle class, middle aged males, similarly to those of Brexit Vote Leave voters. By the way, Trump actually said, I quote: “’Brexit is a great thing.  This will be Brexit plus, plus plus!”   Some call this demographic uneducated, close minded, trash or as I call them ‘the baby boomer generation’.  Men who think they are masters of the universe because they paid off their mortgages, don’t care about the next generation and believe everything the Daily Mail tells them.  There are some women in there too  #letsnotmeet.

Secondly the areas that supported Clinton were generally  those areas that embrace diversity and are what we call metropolitan areas. This was the same for Brexit.  The big cities are far more level headed when its comes to LGBT rights, ethnicity, immigration and disabled but hey, what the fuck do we know!  #quite a lot actually

Thirdly, one side was fairly racist and prejudiced.  Yes, Trump’s side and Vote Leave campaigns.  You can argue that one with me but i’m afraid I’m pretty immovable.  To support my case Nigel Farage only went and got all chummy with Trump.  Speaks for itself.  Additionally to this they both used blatant scaremongering and at times just plain lying, to force a certain demographic to vote their way.  For Brexit the legality of this campaign strategy is being looked into so be warned Trump.  This brings me to my final similarity.  Trump’s campaign and Vote Leaves policies have have target the most vulnerable, poor and weak members of society and used them as a scapegoat for the countries problems and people lapped it up.  Additionally forcing us to feel as weak and vulnerable as we are labelled.  It happened for Brexit and it’s happened today.  You are fools and it will backfire.

Now we could do as many of my facebook pals have suggested- Go live on the moon, start a new life with clangers, go to China, live with the Wombles etc, etc.  These are tempting but sadly these are not realistic alternatives.  What I suggest we do is similar to the Brexit result.  We continue to fight and believe in what we think is best for us and this country.   I don’t choose to be called a vulnerable group or a minority because I’m a woman or disabled.  That has been bestowed on me by men like Trump.  Anyone part of this ‘group’ understands there’s nothing vulnerable about us. I also fear my generation, the millennials, are becoming the vulnerable and we seem dominated by the baby boomers and paying for their lack of thought.  Whether it’s your race, gender, sexuality or disability we are not vulnerable.   We are the ones who have to  fight the hardest because that’s how it’s always been.  I’ll be damned if we stop fighting now.   We must hope the Americans look to us and see us holding our politicians and our government to account because that’s all we can do right now.  We have been doing it with our current government and that’s why we still, only just, have our NHS, have benefits and Brexit has still not materialised.  Hold your government to account.  Question every decision that is made because America, that is the only way to stop the mistake, that I guarantee, Trump will make. We have to question the people whose hands our fate lies in.

America, you must do the same if not for yourselves then as recompense for empowering a person who embodies everything that is wrong with the world.  Lets the years to come be an opportunity to show your strength not your stupidity. I wish you the best of luck and sorry we can’t help more  because we have our own mess to sort out.

On a personal note I give him two weeks before his own cabinet turn on him or he gets assassinated.  There I said it.


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