After that interview something spontaneous happened

TNE presents 3

After I completed the interview with the amazing Joe Allan and Nicki Martin-Harper, A few other people turned up the drink started flowing and well the singing began. For me and those around us it was a most enjoyable experience.

I cant believe it all happened. The show  went on for about two hours. It was so much fun to be surrounded by so much enjoyable singing and energy. For the interview that took place before hand click here!

I have edited some of it so you can share what was a great deal of entertainment.

I am always a fan of people just doing things because it’s fun. In life to many times we step back from enjoyment because of fear or embarrassment but the most fun can be had from the noise that comes out when we open our mouths.

So please enjoy and leave a comment. If you like them enough I will release some more. Maybe we can do something on a regular basis


List of tunes are as follows;

One Day More -Les Miserables

I Know Him So Well – Chess

Don’t Rain On My Parade – Funny Girl

Loathing – Wicked

Schadenfreude – Avenue Q

Cell Block Tango – Chicago

Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist – Avenue Q

You Can’t Stop The Beat – Hairspray

Think Of Me – Phantom Of The Opera

Suddenly Seymour – Little Shop Of Horrors




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