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Bradders is a London-based actor, podcaster, and bad vegetarian. Her purpose in life is to siphon off the roles traditionally played by Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Felicity Jones; dismantle the imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist, ableist, hetero-patriarchy; and seduce Alexander Skarsgard (but not necessarily in that order). Hobbies include: wine, Pilates, and yelling obscenities at cat-callers. For more information, please listen to the Queens of the Hungle podcast, which Bradders co-presents with fellow New Establishment writer, Georgie Morrell.

Eoin Hanlon

“Eoin is a culture sponge who spends too much time listening to albums, watching films, reading articles on gender and sexuality and going to exhibitions and art galleries. He is in his element when he gets to gush over all of these things with pretension, while punctuating his points with a glass of wine and a cigarette in the company of friends. He started writing because his friends wanted him to shut up.”

Gabriel Burns

Born in Beirut and still feeling the after-shocks. Third culture kid who has now grown up and still struggling to integrate into Britain’s (failed) Big Society. Ingested a cornucopia of drugs in my teens and 20s to try and mitigate mental health problems with mostly mixed results. Harm reduction and mindfulness advocate. Recovering hipster. Children call me waste man. Fervent psychonaut who has been left permanently jaded by dating apps and psychotic ex-girlfriends. Commonly mistaken for a Muslim but I just dress well. Please revel in my misfortune and learn from my mistakes.

George Hughes

George, 21, from Hereford. Will be trying to contribute some comedy to the proceedings, hope you enjoy!

Harry T. Cutts

Harry T.Cutts

People often say I’m the stagiest person they know, and it’s probably true!! I would be slacking if I left it maybe 2 weeks without at least one theater trip (and yes, 40+ of them have been Wicked) but I wouldn’t want to do or be anything else because it’s the greatest art form and my passion! I may be a recent University graduate and perhaps the youngest person here, but I’ll try and keep my #stagey contributions coming, so you best get ready!!
Twitter: @cutts24601. My blog:

Janna Fox

photo credit Boris Mitkov

Janna is a 34-year-old single, sober actress originally from Leeds, she is outspoken, honest to the point of pain and not a lover of anything Conservative, religious or twattish.

Kerry Parkinson

Kerry is a 30-something ex Londoner who returned to middle earth and is now exploring the comparisons between life in the big smoke compared to the system shocks of no transport after 10 pm, and shops that close at night.

Lewis Dunn

Lewis is a writer, comedian & producer probably best known for his stand-up character “Stanley Brooks”. Having attained a degree in Politics & Philosophy from the University of York, he enjoys analysing and satirising popular culture and politics, with a special interest in video games. Among his favourites are the Portal franchise, The Stanley Parable & Bioshock. He enjoys bragging about his achievements and writing in the third person. Lewis is very good at writing.

Lisa McKeown

Lisa McKeown is a student at St Mary’s University studying Nutrition. Lisa fell in love with fitness and health after deciding to lose weight during her acting career to fit into another casting type. It is never too late to change your path, Lisa did just that and is excited to be part of The New Establishment to share that passion with you.

Luke Graves

I can be found in a cinema being inspired, in a coffee shop writing or stood on stage telling people what I’ve written. When it comes to the world around me I rarely take things seriously and prefer to watch people’s reactions to things than the things themselves.

I’m a stand-up comedian, writer, (soon to be) husband, vegetarian, man. Who is trying to do his best by his pet hamster (Squig) and the people around him.

Patch Harris

Patch trained as an actor, but now spends more time writing plays, or staring wistfully in to the middle distance trying to write plays.
An experienced guitarist of many years, he owns several instruments but needs more.
GSOH, likes dogs, history and travelling. Non smoker. WLTM like minded.

Patrick Mitchell

My name is Patrick Mitchell.

However, Pat or Paddy will do. Nobody else calls me Patrick except my mum and even then, she only used to call me by that name when I was being a naughty boy. I’m fifty two years old & a huge travel enthusiast. I’ve travelled to many places around the world, having some seriously amazing adventures & learning a lot about myself along the way. I’m more than happy to be contributing to ” The New Establishment ” & hope to contribute more in the future. I also hope to share with you some tales of my travels, some of which might make your eyes water. I look forward to sharing my stories and opinions with you!


“A 23-year-old actress living in London with an addiction to retail, wine and travelling”


Overall, Rob is your typical middle-class white man from Hampshire, apart from his indifference towards both Tea and Cricket. He studied at Exeter University and is now a budding actor after having trained at one of London’s leading Drama Schools. In between his acting projects and 2 part-time jobs, he likes to pump iron at the gym and then go on holidays he can’t afford.


A wannabe Writer, Actor, Filmmaker, Comedian etc etc. Started in the dance world and quickly hot stepped to acting and now settling somewhere around filmmaking and writing. Claim to fame is dancing for Pink and being in a Lynx ad, when the height of your acting career is doing your best cum face on the tele there is not much more to conquer, but I am working on beating those dizzying heights! Want to be creative, write and maybe make some people have a mild chuckle along the way. Though my work varies widely from the ridiculous to the very very dark. 

Rosemary Rance


Sam Went

Sam Went is a comedian and aspiring writer who woke up one day to discover he had a politics degree. Once on the Equal Opportunities section of a job application, he wrote an essay breaking down the different definitions of class, an evaluation of the flaws of each model and where he fitted into them. This tells you everything you need to know about him.

Sid Phoenix

GROSSBRITANNIEN, LONDON, 09.11.2016: Schauspieler Sid Phoenix

“The question ‘Where are you from?’ has no meaning to me. I was born in London, but am not a British citizen, my father is French, my mother American. For the first three years of my life I did not stay in the same geographical location for longer than six weeks, rotating mainly between Kenya, Uganda, and London, but also Australia, Japan, The Bahamas, and more. By the time I was 15 I had attended seventeen different educational establishments. All of which has led to a unique worldview – one where I cannot help but see the social constructs of every culture I encounter; constructs that the people within those cultures have often ingrained so deeply that they cannot distinguish where they differ from universal human truths. Having never been in the same culture for long enough to have its assumptions ingrained, I am cast as a perpetual outsider wherever I go. Although often a frustrating and isolating experience, it does afford me the ability to call people out on things very few others can see, and to understand when disagreements are a product of miscommunication between life experiences and upbringings rather than genuine. I look at the everyday and see within it the scope of human culture.

Basically, I think about things probably a lot more than is healthy and then write about them. I also know that the answer is 42, you get into the kitchen by tickling the pear, there is no try, and one does not simply walk into places.”


St. James is in search of a cat called Elvis on a unicycle. If anyone sees him; holla. 

Wendy Haines

I’m a playwright and wannabe academic who just likes to learn things. In between my day job and managing my finances badly I like to make theatre with my friends, obsess over music and shout about feminism.

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