2017 In Music

by Joseph Sarrington Smith

Despite the fifty-something year old boys down the pub telling you that music was “only good back in my day” and that all music released these days is shite, there’s actually great music being released every year. But you’re reading The New Establishment, so you probably already knew that…

Anyway, here’s a few albums scheduled for release in 2017 that you might be interested in checking out:

Firstly, Brian Eno’s new album ‘Reflection’, which is already available, having been released via the Warp label on January 1st. It continues his adventures with ambient music, with the title track being a single fifty four minute experience.

Next up, there’s ‘I See You’, a new album from The xx. Their first release in more than four years, the album has been described by Jamie xx as “more outward-looking, open and expansive”.

Great news for lovers of progressive rock, as Mike Oldfield is set to release ‘Return To Ommadawn’, a sequel to his third album ‘Ommadawn’ (1975). It’s also the first time since 1978 that will see Oldfield follow the format of having one track per side of vinyl simply titled “Part one”, “Part two” etc…

Tinie Tempah will return with new album ‘Youth’. For many, I imagine this one would’ve required a lot of patience, as it feels like the singles (featuring Zara Larsson & Jess Glynne respectively) were released ages ago.

Then there’s Marilyn Manson with his new album ‘SAY10’. Manson has described it as “by far the most thematic and over-complicated thing that I’ve done”, and has said it contains some of his most politically charged lyrics.

March will see the release of ‘Damage & Joy’, the seventh studio album released by The Jesus & Mary Chain, their first in eighteen years.

Personally, I’m most intrigued by the new album from The Magnetic Fields. ’50 Song Memoir’ is an autobiographical concept album that chronicles the first 50 years of songwriter Stephen Merritt’s life, with one song for each year that he has lived.

It’s entirely possible that albums we don’t even know about yet will make themselves known along the way. Who knows, we might even get a few surprise releases…

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